Political violence won’t end as long as poverty levels remain high – Mukuni


As long as poverty and unemployment levels remain very high in Zambia, political violence will never end, says chief Mukuni.


And chief Mukuni says Zambians’ views are never taken into consideration in the so called Commissions of Inquiries by those in leadership. In an interview, chief Mukuni of Kazungula and Livingstone said youths were being abused by ruling political parties to engage in violence, especially during election campaigns.


“We keep on seeing violence being implemented by youths and if you look at who the perpetrators are, it is the ruling party. The last violence was perpetrated by the PF and I am sure they will do it again. And they are taking advantage of poor and hungry youths, so as long as poverty and unemployment remain very high in Zambia, political violence will never end,” chief Mukuni said.

He said it was not strange to see youths being hired from bus stations to beat up political opponents “all for a few kwachas”.

Chief Mukuni added that only when the PF stops funding youths to travel outside their districts of residence to other areas to intimidate their opponents would violence end.

“There is a trend where youths who are not from Livingstone have been seen every time there is a political head, especially President Edgar Lungu, around. These spend time drinking and tend to go out to beat up people knowing that they are immune to some form of identification for arrest,” he said.

And chief Mukuni told the Commission of Inquiry examining causes of the political violence and the root causes of the voting patterns between 2006 and 2016 when they paid a courtesy call on him at his palace that it was obvious that the PF were to blame for political violence.


“I told them that there has been failure to implement people’s view over the many constitutional review commissions we have had. In some instances, the people’s views were totally opposed by those in power. I even told them that there is a Lozi saying that you don’t ask if a dog is male when you are seeing the obvious,” said chief Mukuni.

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