Sinda council suspends concillor for misconduct

SINDA District council has suspended Kasangazi PF ward councillor Jonathan Phiri for six months for alleged misconduct.

In a press statement on Wednesday, Sinda council chairperson Michael Phiri stated that the council sitting which was held last week at the council chamber found Jonathan with a case that attracted suspension.

He stated that the council was totally disappointed at Jonathan’s conduct which had dented the picture of the government.

Phiri allegedly got some cement, glass panes and roofing materials, among other goods, meant for  the construction of a teacher’s house at Mkwinda Primary School.

“As Sinda council, we are not happy with the conduct of Kasangazi ward councillor Jonathan Phiri. Being a policy maker, he should be in the forefront of championing developmental agenda rather than conduct that reduces the integrity of government. Over the pending case you well know, we have therefore suspended him for six months at which he won’t be entitled to an allowance, he should not perform any duty until the suspension elapses,”

Phiri stated.


He further warned other policy markers to be sober in their dealings as doing wrong things destroyed self-reputation and the government too.

Phiri stated that it was incorrect for a policy maker to misuse community materials meant for development.

“Let this be a warning to other councillors that as policy makers, we have to be role models of good leadership because it’s easy for one to destroy his reputation…let’s ensure we live beyond par so that we instill trust and confidence in the people we serve and the people who entrusted us with their vote. Let’s do the best to do the right thing of what we were chosen for,” he advised.

Phiri also explained that he would soon visit traditional leaders to explain to them over the step taken against Jonathan.

It was reported on November 29, 2017 that around 23:40 hours, Jonathan went to Mkwinda Primary School in his ward and got 14 bags of cement, six glass panes, two kilogrammes of pat and some roofing materials meant for the construction of a teacher’s house.

It is also reported in a petition drafted by traditional leaders that Jonathan, when approached over the materials, called them ignorant and illiterate, a situation which also angered them.

They also revealed that Jonathan collected K1,500 from the community on the pretext of drilling a borehole but the project was never implemented.

Jonathan was unavailable for comment on his suspension. But earlier, Jonathan had accused some traditional leaders of wanting to destroy his career with “wrong and false accusations”.

Jonathan also accused some traditional leaders of working with the opposition to destroy the government’s reputation.

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