3 men get 30 years each for defiling minors

THE Chipata High Court yesterday jailed three men 30 years each for defiling minors and infecting them with sexually transmitted infections. And the court advised a Petauke man who was jailed 20 years for rape to invest in persuasion skills.

Lusaka judge Mwape Bowa, who is sitting in Chipata, sentenced Alex Daka and Bright Chungu both of Petauke and John Njobvu of Chipata, who were brought before him for sentencing by the subordinate court. When sentencing Daka, judge Bowa said he considered what Legal Aid Counsel Sally Bwalya stated in mitigation on his behalf that he was the first offender who regretted his action and was asking for leniency from the court.

He observed that the whole issue and how it occurred makes a sad tale.

“Your wife caught you red handed with your stepdaughter in the field, not only that you infected both the mother and her child with an STI,” judge Bowa said.

He said he had also considered that Njobvu who betrayed the trust of both his wife and the stepchild committed a heinous crime. On 47-year-old Chungu, judge Bowa said the facts of the matter made sad reading due to the fact that the convict was a friend to the prosecutrix’s father. He noted that Chungu also infected the nine-year-old girl he defiled with an STI.

Judge Bowa said such people should be given long jail sentences not only to punish them but also to deter would be offenders. When sentencing Njobvu, judge Bowa said the infecting of the minor with an STI by the convict was an aggravating circumstance. He observed that the convict was caught pants down with the minor.

Judge Bowa also sentenced Lameck Phiri of Petauke to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour for rape. He observed that rape was a serious offence.

“Sexual intercourse is meant to be an enjoyable activity between two consenting partners. You need to invest more in persuasion skills rather than raping women,” judge Bowa said.

Victor Mbewe of Chipata was also jailed 20 years for having carnal knowledge of his own daughter. Judge Bowa said incest was in a group of offences against morality.

“It is unimaginable that a father with normal conscious can sleep with his own daughter. I am sentencing you to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour to give you plenty of time to reflect on your senseless behavior,” said judge Bowa.

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