ANC gives Zuma 48 hours to leave

South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) is giving President Jacob Zuma 48 hours to resign as head of state or he will be recalled, reports SABC News.

The decision came after the ruling party’s national executive committee (NEC) held a six hours marathon session citing that Zuma’s nine years in power has led to rampant political corruption and economic decline.

The ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, went directly to Zuma’s office in Pretoria to tell him that the head of state should resign or face a non-confidence parliamentary vote.

Opposition parties, such as the Democratic Alliance are now calling for parliament to be dissolved in addition to Zuma stepping down.

“Obviously we have reached the end of the road with the man – we will recall him,” an NEC member told the South African TV network News24 today.

Zuma’s office denies agreeing to the ANC’s terms and is calling the circulating rumors of his resignation as “fake news.”

Ramaphosa has been calling for Zuma’s resignation since December when the former became deputy president of the ANC.

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