CMS advises radio presenters to research before going on air

THE Catholic Media Services (CMS) has advised radio station owners to instruct their presenters to always research and have enough information before they go on air.

CMS of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops today joined radio broadcasting workers worldwide in celebrating World Radio Day.

CMS communications director Fr Winfield Kunda stated that some presenters did not even countercheck facts or filter facts from falsehoods before they could present them.

“In this age of social media and fake news, it’s always prudent that radio presenters check facts before presenting them to the public,” Fr Kunda stated.

“As Catholic Media Services, we acknowledge that the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has facilitated the growth of the radio industry in our country resulting in many radio stations being set up. We however note that, though these radio stations help the government in communicating messages of development in many spheres, it seems the government has not appreciated it fully due to the high licence fees being charged. This is a threat to many radio stations especially in rural areas where they have little or no advertising revenue. We make an earnest appeal to the government to review and adjust downwards the licence fees especially for community radio stations.”

He further appreciated the 2018 World Radio Day theme of “Radio and Sports”, saying sports could be used for peace building.

“Radio stations should do away with the notion that sports is only football but must go an extra mile in researching and popularising other sports. As CMS, we also reiterate that radio station owners must pay their workers well. It is sad that even when salaries are meager, they take time to come to those who are luck. This subjects them to suffering. Finally, advertising agencies must be truthful and honour agreements made before securing airspace,” stated Fr Kunda.

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