I fear lies – Banda

KAPOCHE PF member of parliament Charles Banda says he fears lies as they might make it difficult for him to get back to his constituency.


Speaking to residents of Chibela area in Mwangaila ward on Sunday, Banda, who is also tourism minister, said he was glad that most projects promised during campaigns were being worked on. He told people that he was afraid of lying because he might have challenges visiting the people if the promised developments were not visible.


“This trip is for seeing developments that are happening in our constituency. During this trip. I want to see development and not people so that we silence the liars,” Banda, whom the residents recently accused of not visiting the constituency, said.


“We fear lies because if we lie, it will be hard for us to come back. Look, we don’t want to find our way hard. The best way to maintain our way is to provide you and our communities what we promised like roads, boreholes, clinics and bridges. We started with Mulera clinic, about 95 per cent job done, the mobile towers we promised have come as we have one at Ndinda and one at Kondwelani, we shall have a total of 35 boreholes to be drilled in most affected areas.”


He said the government was expecting $200 million from World Bank which would also cater for roads in rural areas.


“We have roads to be worked on but when you see our roads, they don’t need CDF money, yachepa (it’s not enough). We need a lot of money and as government, there are a lot of roads on the plan and so far, we expect about 200 million dollars from World Bank and these are borrowed funds but as you know, such funds don’t come in overnight but in due time, we shall embark on the roads. At the moment, timangeni manja kuti mendo tiyendeleko (tie our hands so that we use our legs to walk, meaning give us chance to move around to find solutions to the problems),” Banda said.

And village headman Isaac Zulu, who spoke on behalf of the induna, said he was grateful for the projects in the area.


“We did not believe you can do such things, we therefore pray that you do a lot for the people. We trust and hope in your time, you will do a lot to achieve your plans and your promises. We are proud of you,” said Zulu.


And Banda was elated after visiting the completed Kondwelani Clinic and  Zamtel mobile tower.


“This is brilliant, this is wonderful indeed. This is job well done because now this is a silencer to those making noise and so far, we are remaining with scouting beds, beddings and staff and drugs so that people start using the clinic. I am also glad to see the tower done, you have seen that what we promised has started to pass,” said Banda who visited about six wards to check on the progress made on development projects in his constituency.


And council chairperson Michael Phiri assured the people that most projects promised were in the pipeline and would be completed before 2021.

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