I’ll not allow the sale of Wusakile grounds – MP


WUSAKILE member of parliament Pavyuma Kalobo says reports that he is involved in the alleged sale of Wusakile Secondary School sports grounds are not true as the facility have not been sold to anyone.


Reports have swelled that the vast grounds adjacent to the school have been sold to a foreign developer for the purpose of building a shopping mall, with some officials alleged to have been bribed to let go of the land while the head teacher of the school has reportedly rejected any inducement.


In a short statement, Kalobo stated that he would not allow such a situation to happen in his constituency.


“Let me take this opportunity to set the record straight and inform the people of Wusakile and the general public that the issue surrounding the sale of the school ground is null and void. The Ministry of Education is currently putting up the wall fence to secure the ground as it’s a school property that benefits our community too,” Kalobo stated.


A visit to the school grounds found builders erecting a perimeter wall around the grounds at the instruction of the DEBS office.


“I wish to distance myself from all the malice and accusation that I am involved in the sale which is not true, in as much as we need development in terms of infrastructure, consideration must be given to the community and gate keepers for consultation. As far as I am concerned, no one has sold the ground,” stated Kalobo.

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