Saturday 03/02/2018

Sorry, the statement on genocide in Rwanda had more to do with ignorance than any understanding of the circumstances.
The Rwandan facts:
1. In the Gisozi museum there is a sample (former) Rwandan ID with one item clearly marked tribe. Though there are some distinct features which can distinguish a Hutu from a Tutsi, for the majority of Rwandans (partly due to intermarriage) one cannot tell;
2. Rwandans speak the same language (Kinyarwanda) and use the same names, so it is impossible to tell one’s tribe from the language or name;
3. The genocide was a result of conscious governments (successive governments) campaigns against Tutsi’s, which led to exile (mainly in Uganda, Tanzania and DRC) of millions of Tutsi’s. While the vile anti-Tutsi campaign was still subjecting Tutsi’ in Rwanda to severe repression, it was the justified and long overdue return of the exiled Tutsi’ that culminated in the genocide.
4. The Hutu did not ask for an ID to identify a Tutsi. They knew where to find them and went for them.
Zambian facts:
1. What can one subtract form the Zambian NRC, because tribe has never been part of it from inception?
2. Zambians have distinct tribal names and tribal languages or language groups. So are you going to ban tribal names or languages?
3. Do Zambian political parties tolerate tribal identity. This has to be judged by Zambian themselves (vote for your own son?, such and such is a n-go area for eeh?, …).
This is not an issue which can be solved by legislation or some off-the cuff statements. It needs leadership, the likes of KK’s.


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