Some FB fans protest barring of SA’s Zodwa


THE news of government’s intention to deny South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu entry into Zambia has riled most men. Zodwa, the South African underwear antagonistic dancer, is set to have a series of shows in Zambia but national guidance and religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili says her sexually provocative dancing and dressing has potential to corrupt the morals of the citizenry.

Zodwa’s fans have opposed the government’s intention and have taken to social media to denounce Rev Sumaili. Rev Sumaili later explained that the government had not banned the South African socialite from coming to Zambia. She said there was no morality for her to be dancing without underwear. Rev Sumaili clarified that the conveners of her shows had not applied for a license from the National Arts Council of Zambia.


Her first performance is set for Hollywood nightclub on March 10 where local dancehall artist Karasa would be having his album launch. Hakabwebwa Mwaya wrote: “Zodwa should have been allowed to come into the country and given undies to wear upon arrival in line with the scripture that says, ‘I was naked and you clothed me’. That’s how Jesus would have done it, how else?”

Local artist Wezi V. Mhone said: “What does someone not wearing a pant have to do with an entire Ministry.”

“So hypocritical of them. Welcome to Zambia,” said Charlton Kanene Jr Drizzo.

Taylor Kamona said: “So what proof is there that everyone here (Zambia) wears panties? Could just be a perception that everyone does.”

Kasamba Bupe Kalima: “Should have been named a different ministry all together. A lot does go on to which they give a deaf ear. One knicker not wearing woman plans to visit Zambia and the whole ministry gets its knockers in the twist.”

And Football administrator Simaata Simaata on his Facebook page said he has been seeing nudity amongst women everywhere even in holy places like the church.

“Naked dancer, whether this one comes or not, I don’t care. I see nakedness for free everyday, worse still even in Church,” said Simaata aka Sims.

“Sumaili challenge, pardon Keith if you are that Christion,” Godwell Siame Chilapupa said while Kachusha Mavious added; “so who is going to search her if she will be pantless?”


Others wondered how different dancers at traditional ceremonies like N’cwala were for the government to condemn Zodwa.

“It’s the first time I have seen Zambian men united despite different political affiliations and different religions…okay Zodwa mukali,” said Mwelwa Chama.

“I don’t understand, our minister is stressing as if she is our mother, some of this is to leave and let live,” Chintez ML said.

“So difference between N’cwala ceremony (bare breasts) and Zodwa Wabantu (No panties) is? Asking my clergyman,” said Pasha C Tembo

“We want Zodwa, we want Zodwa, we want Zodwa, we want Zodwa, We want Zodwa,” protested Collins Coco Banda.

Efforts to get a comment from Karasa whose album launch Zodwa will be gracing failed as his mobile phone was out of reach. The Dancehall artist will be launching the Pandemonium on March 10 where various local artists will perform as well.

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