Venezuela demands UN cease ‘politicization’ of Syrian conflict

Venezuela is demanding that the United Nations Human Rights Council end its “politicisation” of the situation in Syria, and insisting the international community support the Arab country in its fight against terrorism.

“We value the contribution that the Russian Federation provides, in multiple areas, so that the sovereignty and integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic are respected,” said Ambassador Jorge Valero, the Venezuelan permanent representative to the U.N. in Geneva, on Friday.

Valero questioned the upcoming UN Human Rights Council debate on the situation in eastern Ghouta, in Syria, arguing that it promotes “a greater politicization of this council.”

Many initiatives of this type have been presented against the Syrian Arab Republic, fomented by international media campaigns, he said.

“We want peace for Syria, as we want peace for the whole world. That is why we have condemned the actions of terrorist groups, armed and financed from abroad, which try – unsuccessfully – to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria.”

Valero questioned why the Human Rights Council is not debating instead how to help the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, or how to achieve lasting peace.

“One could also consider how to create the necessary conditions for a fruitful political dialogue between all Syrians, and to return peace and harmony to that historic nation that has left the planet a thousand-year-old cultural heritage,” Valero said.

The conflict, he said, has destroyed infrastructure, increased poverty and left most of the population in despair.

Valero reiterated that Venezuela will continue supporting initiatives that lead to a definitive end to the violence, while respecting Syria’s sovereignty, independence and right to freedom.

“We will insist on the need for an inclusive political process, led by the Syrians and with the support of the international community, in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.”

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