Women shouldn’t blame anyone for their failures, says Matale


WOMEN should not blame anybody for their failures because their aim should be to succeed, says Reverend Suzanne Matale.


Rev Matale, during the Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) International Women’s day dialogue and engagement forum in Lusaka on Friday, said there was need for women to stop blaming each other for their failures.


“Transformation and empowerment starts with self-confidence building by me. We have already heard that part of the confidence building is about continuous learning and applying the knowledge, which is wisdom. Many of our women folk don’t believe in continuous learning, continuous listening and continuous applying what we know. I want us to acknowledge the many strides that women have made but the question is how did they get where they got without workshops, without money but they have left long lasting legacies? Most of the women did what they did for conviction. So, if you are convicted, nothing will stop you from achieving that which you believe in. Yes, we acknowledge that many women have worked very hard in terms of ensuring that we have systems and policies at different levels. We are always at the UN, SADC, African Unions fighting for policies and this is very good and I know that this really helps us to get somewhere,” Rev Matale said.


“But even after all these things, we are at less than 20 per cent women empowerment…so I go back to emphasise that the confidence that I am talking about is not the confidence that will be boosted only by policies and systems. It is an inside out arrangement between me, I and myself. The bulk of the responsibility as I have learnt over the years actually rests with me without waiting for any policy or system to boost me because I have already learnt who I am and that I am important and I can make changes. Gone are the days my brother and sisters when we blamed each other for our failures. The blame game is not our portion anymore. We should not blame anybody for our failures in anything. Our aim is to succeed and succeed we must. We must not find anyone to blame for this. I know we are used to blaming people but my advice to you is to know that you only have yourself and you cannot sit and blame somebody else”


He said she the rhetoric of women pulling each other down should not be entertained.


“There is no issue of saying women like pulling each other down, that’s an excuse because men do that even more. We just need to move on as women without blaming anyone for what we have not done. You do not only become a leader when you are assigned a position, that is not leadership…that’s management because they give you a job, file and desk…managing affairs of somebody else. Leadership is working outside the box,” said Rev Matale.


And Chienge FDD member of parliament Given Katuta said women must begin to understand the importance of women empowerment.


“It’s about time our country started seeing women being empowered. In Zambia I have noticed that women do not support their fellow women. We should begin to support one another as women if we want to see this country develop. With the high levels of illiteracy, you will find that a lot of women are not educated, especially in the rural areas. When a child drops out of school in the rural areas, nothing happens because they believe it is normal for a child not to go to school,” said Katuta.


“As a member of parliament for Chienge, which is in the rural area, I have tried to ensure that I see to it that some girls are educated with the little support that God has blessed me with. I would want to see more girls educated so that they too can become MPs in future. Women should know that they can do anything and they can succeed when they work hard. I have been helping women in my constituency to make them understand that they are capable of succeeding in life. We cannot separate education from development. Zambia women have been lagging behind when it comes to getting educated and holding influential positions. Women make good leaders and it is important for us to work hard.”/

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