ZNBC workers force union leaders to resign

(By Oliver Chisenga and Melony Chisanga)


ZAMBIA Union of Broadcasters and other Information Disseminators (ZUBID) members have passed a vote of no confidence in two union leaders, forcing them to resign from their positions, a source has revealed.

According to the source, ZUBID president Chomba Yumbe and financial secretary Tom Njovu resigned after the members passed a vote of no confidence in them following their alleged failure to mediate in their delayed February salaries.

The source said the deadlock was necessitated owing to many challenges the national broadcaster was facing, which members say the duo had failed to address with management.

The source further said unionised employees have accused Yumbe and Njovu of being informers of management.


“Yumbe and some of his fellow sellouts have resigned from the union after branches from Lusaka, Livingstone and Kitwe passed a vote of no confidence in them, and people are very happy. There was no meeting as such. All what the branches did was to sign a petition to pass a vote of no confidence in the union leaders, Chomba Yumbe and financial secretary Tom Njovu while vice-president Misheck Moyo applied to be on early retirement, though he has not yet been granted. Ask Andrew Mpandamwike for more information. People are celebrating the departure of Yumbe and the team from the union. You know those guys were sponsored cadres. They were eating with two hands at the expense of many suffering employees. Andrew is still around, but currently a lady from Multichoice is the acting president. All negotiations or strike actions were failing because of those two cadres, it’s good riddance,” the source said.

“We need people that are firm, people that can represent us well not what used to happen, let them go.”

The source indicated that there was a possibility that more would go because the vote of no confidence was meant for the entire executive.

“The guys were really sellouts. We are still feeling low in terms of salaries. It’s very demotivating considering that almost 20 days have passed, no pay.”

Mpandamwike has confirmed receiving the resignation letters from the duo but did not go into details.

“Yes, they resigned and we received their resignation letters to that effect,” said Mpandamwike in his brief comments.

But when contacted, Yumbe said he was still consulting some people.

“Bandani bamiuzani (who told you)? Ati ninachita (that I have) resign[ed] chifukwa chani…hahahaha! Baziba vamene vichitika so mubafunse bamene abo (they know what is happening so ask your source). Right now I am still consulting some people so I can’t say anything concerning that. Are you able to call me like tomorrow (today)? There is something I am working on, then I can give you something…if you don’t mind,” said Yumbe.

Njovu’s mobile phone was, however, unreachable as he is reportedly out in the United States for official duties.

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