LAZ is being hypocritical

The reaction of the Law Association to The Mast editorial comment calling for the scrapping of the Constitutional Court is hypocritical but not surprising.

The Mast is not the first to raise concerns about the performance of the Constitutional Court and the experience and competence of its judges. Many lawyers and other citizens share similar concerns and are privately saying the same things. Even those who wrote that Law Association of Zambia statement attacking The Mast know that what is stated in that editorial comment is not malicious. It’s the truth and nothing but the truth about this Constitutional Court and its judges. The inexperience and incompetence of the judges of the Constitutional Court is not something that can be hidden. And there’s no way those who pay the bills of the Constitutional Court, the Zambian taxpayers, should be expected to keep quiet. We maintain that the Constitutional Court, in its current form and composition, doesn’t deserve the taxpayers’ money to be spent on it. It is an unjustified expense and must be scrapped. We surely can’t have such a very expensive court of inexperienced and incompetent judges being at the same level with those of our Supreme Court. Even some of our magistrates can do far better than them.

Again, in stating this, we are in no way trying to be malicious to anyone. People should learn to take jobs they are able to handle and not just follow money. We have every right to point out these deficiencies in our judiciary. These judges are getting a lot of money from the taxpayer and it can’t be for such poor performance – for mahala.

The Law Association of Zambia’s criticism of The Mast editorial comment doesn’t make sense. Honest criticism doesn’t undermine the judiciary. It’s the Law Association of Zambia’s hypocrisy that is undermining the judiciary. There’s no public institution or office that should be placed beyond public scrutiny and criticism. Criticism is good for public institutions and officers. And if criticism is valid, it must be made.

Every Zambian has the right to criticise the performance of public officers and institutions and call for their scrapping. And on this one, the Law Association of Zambia is wrong. And of course, they are not always right. They can’t claim to possess the monopoly of wisdom or the final say on everything. The Law Association of Zambia’s reaction is not surprising because we live in a country of double-tongued or two-faced people. In private, they say one thing and in public another. They are deliberately deceptive, especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another.

We live in this country where there is competition in every little thing or evil intentions behind every good deed. It’s getting more and more difficult to trust people because almost everyone is good to your face, but many may not be good behind your back. This is what many of our people have become – two-faced people or fake people.

We have many duplicitous, hypocritical or deceitful people today, especially in speech; claiming one set of beliefs or intentions but acting according to another.

We urge these lawyers attacking us to let their tongues speak what their hearts think.

Dealing with a two-faced person is not easy. But when you know that a certain person is like this, first accept it and know that he or she is never going to be an honest friend. Try not getting angry and aggressive, instead just confront them and tell them that you don’t like their behaviour. Also, avoid sharing any personal information with them. Last but not the least, do not take it to your heart and don’t think about playing the same game with them.

Two-faced people are the ones who act like your best friend around you but are ready to back-stab you anytime. They may behave very sweetly with you, but the moment you turn your back, they will be the opposite. They may say bad things about you and spread rumours. Having them around can make life difficult.

You cannot afford to trust them or tell them about your aspirations, and there’s no point expecting any honesty from such people. They will be selfish, and most often, deceive you. Understand that they are just not worthy of your friendship. Ignore them and move on with your life! And make sure that you never become one of them.

There’s no need to trip over your own words and fall into hypocrisy. Hypocrisy has its own elegant symmetry.

Without wearing any mask, they have a special face for each friend.

And every veil secretly desires to be lifted, except the veil of hypocrisy. We shouldn’t be fooled by their masks. Fake people eventually show their true colours. Just wait until their mask needs cleaning. We really hate two-faced people; it’s hard to decide which face to slap first.

Socrates wrote, “The greatest way to live with honour in this world is to be what we pretend to be.”

We ought to see far enough into a hypocrite to see even his or her sincerity. They have two kinds of morality side by side: one which they preach but do not practice and another which they practice but seldom preach. When people are two-faced, the only thing you’ll know for sure is that you can’t trust either of them.

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