The MMD Lungu trusts will rise against him in 2021 – Katongo


PETAUKE Patriotic Front member Mutale Moses Katongo says the MMD which president Edgar Lungu has trusted will rise against him in 2021.


In a statement, Katongo stated that the MMD was currently busy working on the structures on the ground at the expense of the PF which it had gotten into a partnership with.


During the Chat Back programme on Radio Christian Voice this week, MMD faction national secretary Raphael Nakacinda said his party would continue working with the PF, its alliance partner.


But Katongo said most members of parliament from the MMD who were serving as ministers were not serving diligently and genuinely.


He accused them of being in government only to accumulate wealth to support their MMD come 2021.


“The MMD MPs are not in PF government to serve but to amass wealth and strengthen their party because most MPs are on the ground making structures and planning to rise against PF. But the sad part is that our president is busy putting his trust in them. To tell you the truth, whether we like it or not, when we come to 2021, PF will be left alone, they will be the ones on the platform to say PF has failed, saying we tried to advise them but they couldn’t listen now it’s time to bring back MMD into power and it will be too late for PF to reorganise the party. Hence the best time is now. Let the president deal with people who will play the game in 2021, not those who will be against him,” Katongo stated


He has also accused Petauke central member of parliament Dora Siliya of making structures under MMD when she is a Minister of Information and Broadcasting in the PF government.


“Here in Petauke central, the MP was here slaughtering animals when parliament was on and she distributed meat and other things and the people she privately met who are our friends told us what she told them saying the agenda on the ground is to strengthen MMD structures. We have evidence and come 2021, MMD is showing signs of standing on its own. They came to PF to spy and later form the government again,” Katongo, who once served as district PF secretary, stated.


He stated that it pained to see the PF being sold to the opposition when in 2011, it challenged the MMD on its own, a situation which it could do if well-organised “than depending on enemies who are privately supporting the idea of impeaching President Edgar Lungu”.


“We are full time PF and it hurts us to see our party dying. We can’t stop talking for fear of being labeled indisciplined. We speak to you the media so that we are heard loud as we can’t be allowed to go and speak to the President himself. These MMD members our party has embraced are the ones who are supporting the idea of impeaching the President. They can’t come in the open but privately they are behind the idea. That is why the President should drop all MMD ministers and remain with loyal members of PF in ministerial positions,” Katongo suggested.


He stated that even in real life, “one cannot make friendship with a person he shares a girlfriend with because it is dangerous”.


Katongo appealed to the party to bring back all the members that had left out of frustration and unite those still hanging on but feeling left out.


“You can’t make an alliance with a person you share a girlfriend with, it doesn’t work like that. This is time to bring back all the members we lost, this is time to reconcile, this is the time to restore all the genuine members the party has lost. We suffered for this party so much and we cannot allow to be used, no! Something must be done Mr President,” he told President Lungu.


Katongo explained that it was a few top officials of the PF that supported the alliance with the MMD as the majority on the grassroots were against it.


He also condemned advisors of the President in the PF for “taking coffee all the times” than moving around the country to hear the people’s views on the ruling party’s works.


“The President’s advisors are supposed to move around the country to get views from the people rather than sitting close to the President and drink coffee. The President needs to be told the truth but the problem is that he is being cheated by those close to him. I still insist that the President is being cheated because he is using players who will not play the final with him. Let him train with players who will play the final than what he is doing now with untrusted players,” Katongo stated.


He also thanked President Lungu for taking in action after his request last year through The Mast that Mumbi Phiri and Frank Bwalya should be given jobs.


Mumbi, the deputy secretary general of the PF, has been nominated member of parliament while Bwalya, who was deputy spokesperson of the ruling party, has been sent to Australia as Ambassador.


Katongo recalled that when his story appeared in The Mast, party officials and some members, including Bwalya, blamed him but others congratulated him for being brave.


Katongo stated that Bwalya later thanked him after he was appointed an ambassador.

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