Zodwa to spectate Karasa album launch


SOUTH African entertainer Rebecca Libram, otherwise called Zodwa Wabantu, will tonight be in the audience at Hollywood Nightclub in Lusaka as Zambian singer Karasa launches his album.

Zambian authorities have refused to grant permission to Zodwa to perform in the country as she dances without underwear.

But over the past two weeks, the ‘ban’ of the usually sparingly dressed entertainer has sparked numbing contention among Zambians on social media platforms, especially when national guidance and religious affairs minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili was misconstrued as having said Zodwa Wabantu should not be allowed entry into the country.


On Thursday, the National Arts Council (NAC) said Zodwa Wabantu could not be allowed to perform in Zambia, saying doing so would be against public interest and national values.
Giving an official update on Karasa’s album scheduled for tonight, Sunset Sound Production manager Lucky Cheelo Munakampe confirmed that the album launch was going on as planned at Hollywood Nightclub, starting 20:00 hours.

“We further wish to advise and confirm that Zodwa Wabantu will be arriving in the country tomorrow (today) Saturday 10th March, 2018 at 15:15 hrs aboard South African Airways,” Munakampe stated.
“We further wish to advise that since the National Arts Council denied to grant clearance for Zodwa Wabantu, she will not be allowed on stage [but] will just be in the audience as a mere spectator. Supporting artists include Chef 187, Petersen Zagaze, Ruff Kid, DJ Cosmo, Wezi and many more.”

Munakampe further urged all fans, supporters and lovers of Zambian music to turn up in huge numbers and support “one of your own.”

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