Trump calls Mexican president ‘crazy’ over border wall request

US President Donald Trump called Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto “crazy” for asking him to declare that Mexico won’t have to pay for the border wall.

At a rally for a Republican congressional candidate in Pennsylvania, Trump told the crowd about the recent phone call with Peña Nieto after the audience began shouting Trump’s campaign slogan, ‘Build that wall.’

According to Trump, Peña Nieto said: “Mr President, I would like you to make a statement that Mexico will not pay for the wall,” to which Trump replied: “Are you crazy? I am not making that statement. Bye, bye. There is no way I’m making that deal.”

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said late Saturday that Mexico will not pay for the wall, despite Trump’s repeated insistence that the Mexican government do so.

“In the call on February 20, (Peña Nieto) strongly reiterated what all Mexicans have always said: we will never pay, in any form, for a wall on the border,” Videgaray posted on Twitter.

“Under this premise, we will continue working constructively on the bilateral relationship with the United States.”

Last month, Peña Nieto canceled plans to visit Washington after another phone call with Trump during which the US president reportedly lost his temper.

On March 1, US Ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson announced her resignation at what she called “a critical moment” in the US-Mexico relationship. She is due to leave her post on May 5.

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