Zodwa’s deportation raises mixed feelings


ZAMBIANS yesterday expressed mixed feelings over the Immigration Department’s deportation of South African entertainer Rebeca Libram, aka Zodwa Wabantu.

While some Zambians feel the Immigration Department was wrong to send Zodwa back, saying the whole incident was exaggerated, others have welcomed the decision on grounds that her performances were against the country’s values.

Zodwa is known for her seductive dances without her underwear, which have made her popular among the men.

The Zambian immigration officials first detained Zodwa upon arrival at KKIA at 21:00 hours on Friday night and deported her on the 7:30hours flight to Johannesburg.

Reasons for the deportation are unknown, but it is believed her revealing dressing without her pants were more at play.

Zodwa was initially to perform at Karasa’s album launch yesterday.

But the National Arts Council told the promoter, Sunset Sound Production, that she could only attend as a guest because allowing her to perform was against “public interest and national values”.


“I have just confirmed with South African Airways that she was deported and left for South Africa aboard the 07:20hrs flight (today),” Sunset Sound proprietor Lucky Cheelo Munakampe told The Mast yesterday.

Immigration authorities have not given any comment on the matter.

When news of Zodwa’s deportation yesterday spread on social media, several Netizens condemned the decision while others supported it.

Below are some of the reactions:

Andrew Sakazhila: This is what we are reduced to as a developing nation talking about some naked South African entertainer all week. We need to wake up seriously ( roads, health care , taxes, fuel , energy, education, unemployment, poverty , national security and the list goes). These are the discussions we need to talk about; I am sure many outsiders dub us as a laughing stock of docility and social economic development. At the end of the day personally I don’t care whether she stays, goes or dies. The only thing we should care about is the big elephant in the room which is docility amongst us Zambians. We deserve better in all the things mentioned above, we work so hard as a people only to be laboured with poor ratings on every index, this is not development. Please let us lead the way not this Zodwa nonsense.

Mappi Nazaria: To protect national values! Well done ba immigration, that prostitute has been taught a lesson she will never forget…not everyone is interested in seeing her elephant thighs.

Emmanuel Sakala: I think deportation was good. All these individuals who think they can lampoon our regulations just because they have connections. When we travel to SA, we don’t dare their immigration officers, we simply follow their provisions.

Charles Kaemba Kakompe: Immorality cannot be justified. Nudity is public nuisance. Indecent exposure is an offence, why should we allow this nonsense to happen in the name of entertainment, aikona, Zodwa take your corrupt morals kumwenu.

Nyimbili Sullen: The answer to what morality really is still remains a mystery…. Okay, Zodwa is gone, what about the still present corruption and theft in this God-fearing country? We need the same energy in these areas otherwise, we just a bunch of hypocrites…

Prime Simalele: This country is too judgmental and I wonder why, we’ve got to sort ourselves out before we start pointing fingers at others. Otherwise, I don’t see anything wrong with Zodwa, she’s just an entertainer and we literary know nothing about her personal life.

Thomas Mwape: We already have a lot at our hands to deal with like corruption, police brutality, higher taxes and not forgetting the CHINESE, then imagine if we added ZODWA,eish!

Kaluba Wakunguma: Who cares! Half of the so called moral upright men and politicians have a “Zodwa ba bwonse” living right under their roofs and charging ridiculous lobola for them. If our government/immigration could muster this very kind of energy into all these suspicious Chinese nationals creeping up all over the damn place, now that would be newsworthy.

Adam KC Kawina: So Zambia is now being governed by the feelings/emotions of religious minister GODFRIDAH SUMAILI. This is BS.

Archer Lundu: No any human has powers to judge a friend coz (sic) we are all sinners .Only God will judge us on that day according to our works. Zodwa will be judged by God, not you sinners. Think of your sins before you judge your friend’s sins. God forgive you. (Mr. Dr. Mrs. Or Miss holy person), shame on you judges.

Goodson Chondo: New taxes are being introduced in the country, people are being laid off in some companies, fuel and bus fares hiked, our relatives in Misisi compound have deserted their homes because of floods; very few people are talking about all this but bwelesani chitako cha Zodwa, everyone is busy talking. Just what kind of people are we honestly?

Joe Lubanga: Why do they praise those who go and watch half naked Swaziland girls? Why did they fail to talk about national values? As far as I am concerned, I don’t wish to watch a naked entertainer, not even a single day but I don’t find a reason why they should deport her because she didn’t come to perform but to attend as a guest as NAC told Sunset promoters. I don’t even know why this Delilah Zodwa has brought so much attention than a lot of problems affecting our nation, this is dullness.

Nkumbu Philodox Sichone: Zambians pretend to be the most prayerful people and claim Zambia is a Christian nation…God is watching you and you will be burnt to ashes.


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