NGOCC condemns barring of NDC women from women’s day activities

NON-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council board chairperson Sara Longwe has the police’s decision to stop NDC women from participating in the commemoration of International Women’s Day allegedly on instructions from Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda.

Longwe stated in a statement yesterday that it was wrong for the police to stop NDC women from exercising their democratic right of being part of a national event.

“NGOCC condemns the dishonourable action of the Luanshya Mayor (Mr. Nathan Chanda) for instructing Police to stop women from the National Democratic Congress Party to enter the Luanshya Kafubu Stadium to conclude the (International Women’s Day) IWD march-past with other women participating in the legal and national event,” she stated.

“This is the first time in Zambian history of commemoration of International Women’s Day that a government official has barred women from participating in the event. It is such misogynistic actions and other gender based discriminations against women that IWD was established by UN many years ago.”

Longwe stated that it was necessary for NGOCC to speak out against such wrongs committed against women as portrayed by Chanda in order to protect all women from further violation of their basic constitutional human rights, including their freedoms of movement, association and expression.

Chanda has been unavailable for comment as his phone has gone unanswered since Thursday.

Several attempts yesterday using different phone numbers did not yield any result.

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