WHERE’S THE MONEY FROM? …what’s the source of funds for PF’s lavish campaign materials, asks Chipimo

ELIAS Chipimo says money being amassed by the PF leadership is purely for ensuring that President Edgar Lungu clings to power after 2021 elections.

In an interview yesterday, Chipimo wondered where the PF was getting funds to produce lavish campaign materials being distributed across the country.

He said there was need for Zambians to know that everything the PF was doing, including the lavish campaign materials that the party has started displaying, was to ensure that they perpetuate their stay in power.

PF secretary general on Friday revealed that the PF had embarked on a programme to distribute 120 bicycles to each constituency for party officials in readiness for the 2021 general elections.

Mwila, however, claimed the ruling party was not campaigning for the 2021 elections but merely mobilising its membership across the country.

But Chipimo, who is National Restoration Party (NAREP) leader, said it seemed as though there were no lessons learnt from the past.

“It is clear that the amount of money that is being amassed is being amassed purely for the sake of ensuring the perpetuation of power of the current PF leadership. There is probably a connection and we should be asking ourselves ‘what is the source of these funds that are able at this stage to generate so much that they can start to produce such lavish campaign material?’ We should also ask ourselves what the PF’s focus is if at this point in time, three years before the next election, they are already in heavy campaign mode,” Chipimo said.

“It means that everything that has been done, whether they want to make changes in the Constitution to bridge the lacunas or whether they are looking at introducing health bills…whatever they are trying to do, we must see it as being connected to this decision to gain power and gain money. My advice is that they were elected to bring development and they must focus on that because they were not elected for personal development. They were elected for national development and if they find that they are not capable of carrying out this mandate properly, let them just accept that. I am sure the Zambian people will understand and say ‘awe bane namubomba. Mwaesha but kwena namufilwa (you have worked, you have tried but you have failed). We can help you and take this country where it should be’.”

He said it was not too late for the PF government to accept that the responsibility of governance was too much for them.

“We are not seeing any improvements in what they are doing. We have an economy which should be growing but we are seeing fiscal indiscipline, no movement towards building capacity for the youth, no development with regards to protecting land and other assets that can be used by Zambians. All we are seeing is the opposite. Foreigners are the ones benefiting. Individuals are thriving and majority Zambians are remaining poor and marginalised,” Chipimo said.

He said the early campaigns reinforced the impunity, which the current leadership within the PF seemed to want to display continuously.

“…because there are those opposition political parties together with the PF that were trying to promote the third term bid for the President. Before the matter has even been determined in court, they have already decided who is going to be the presidential candidate. Before, even their own party has gone through its democratic process of deciding who is going to be eligible to stand in the next election, they have already decided,” said Chipimo.

“So, it is a sham democracy that they claim to support and it gives you a clear indication of everything that they have been doing; even the so called national development. They are not designed to develop the nation; they are designed to benefit the continued stay in power of certain individuals. What the PF should actually be aware of, especially the genuine PF members is that their party, PF, has been hijacked by elements that are not serving the best interest of the party itself. They are serving their own personal interest.”

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  1. Bwalya

    March 12, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Lungu is nothing but a thief who wants to remain in power so he can continue stealing. If anyone can shoot this thief down please to save many from perishing

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