CBU lecturers refuse to apologise on VC’s orders

THE Copperbelt University Academics Union has refused to apologise to Professor Naison Ngoma and his management over the protest that was conducted on February 10, 2018. In a statement released to The Mast, CBUA vice-president Elaston Njovu stated that Prof Ngoma was the rightfull person to apologise to the workers at CBU and the students and not the unions.

“Why should we the unions be the ones to apologise when we are the ones fighting for a good cause? He is the one who owes an apology to staff, students and the whole nation for running down the CBU since his appointment in 2012,” Njovu stated.

He stated that the protest by workers was conducted for the good of the university. Njovu stated that the workers would not ask for sympathy from management.

He stated that Prof Ngoma should stop telling people that union leaders incited the protest but by all workers who felt that the he [Prof Ngoma] had failed to run CBU participated.

Njovu stated that the unions were ready to meet Prof Ngoma in court if he felt strongly about the charges and suspensions.

“The protests at CBU against Professor Naison Ngoma were not motivated and incited by a few executive union leaders but the protests rose from Prof Ngoma’s failure to run the CBU in a professional, prudent and efficient manner because no one was incited to take part in those protests. We have over 300 signatures appended to the Vote of No Confidence in the Vice Chancellor because we feel that charges and suspensions are irregular and faulty at law. He should not raise fake charges as a bargaining chip. If he feels so strongly about them, we shall meet him at the tribunal or in Court,” stated Njovu.

The lecturers’ reaction followed a demand by Prof Ngoma for them to apologise over the protests as a condition for him to drop the charges.

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  1. Wilson Moono

    March 13, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    Ngoma must just go. He has not brought any progress but suffering to both students and workers. I just don’t why govt is so protective of this guy at the expense of the entire nation. Now it seems Ngoma is bigger than CBU and the nation at large. Imagine a poor student from Mporokoso who depends on parents who have to sell Kassava for survival. A student from Mwinilunga where there is No road.

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