GEORGE Mpombo says PF’s distribution of extravagant campaign materials in readiness for the 2021 general elections could be an exercise in futility. PF secretary general Davis Mwila on Friday revealed that his party had embarked on a programme to distribute over 18,000 bicycles  to all 156 constituencies of the country in readiness for the 2021 general elections.

Mwila, however, claimed the ruling party was not campaigning for the 2021 election but merely mobilising its membership across the country.

He explained that each of the 156 constituencies would be given 120 bicycles that would in turn benefit the branches and wards.

“They are for constituencies, wards and branches. We are doing party mobilisation in all the provinces. It’s not a campaign; this is not campaign time. We are going round mobilising the party…yes. So we are preparing our officials for 2021, we are giving them the tools for them to become mobile. We have been doing the indoor meetings,” said Mwila who further challenged the opposition to also start mobilising their members.

But Mpombo, a former defence minister, said instead of engaging in early campaigns, there was need for the government to address the sharply declining economic fortunes among the people who were ultimately the voters.

“The political roller coaster mobilisation by the PF could be an exercise in futility unless sustainable economic achievements are scored,” Mpombo said.

“The [mobilisation] exercise could be a myopic undertaking when mass poverty, inequality and burgeoning unemployment continue to ravage the nation unabated.”

He said the government should also address the problems in the agriculture sector.

“The disarray and calamitous confusions in the agriculture sector need to be addressed,” said Mpombo.

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