Lungu not a liar, claims Lusambo

LUSAKA Province minister Bowman Lusambo says Zambians should be proud of President Edgar Lungu because he is not a liar.

Lusambo, who is also Kabushi PF member of parliament, said President Lungu honours his word.

He also indicated that the PF government, under President Lungu’s leadership, had created many jobs for Zambians.

“What I can assure is that [as] the government of His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, we have created a lot of jobs for our youths and for the people of this great nation. This President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is not like these other presidents who lie! We have a lot of liars. The party presidents who are in opposition are alternative government – they should be truthful when they are saying things to the people of Zambia. This President you are seeing today, if he is unable to do something, he will tell the people of Zambia that ‘no, this one we are not going to manage’. This President is a President of his own words! When he came to the Copperbelt Province, he promised the ex-miners, which was very unusual…. We have seen presidents come and go; there is no president who has come to declare that ‘these people will start struggling in their lives, let us help them in this manner’. [But] President Lungu decided that we are going to give land to the ex-miners and the process started a long time ago in Chingola…” Lusambo said on Prime TV’s Oxygen of Democracy on Monday night.

“This President is not a liar; he is a President who can look in your face and talk to you in a truthful manner. So you have to be very proud of this President. We are fulfilling the things which we promised the people of Zambian – it’s a five-year mandate and we have just done one year and five months.”

He also claimed that the PF government was honouring its campaign promises.

“His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia promised the people that as government, we are going to provide jobs and these jobs will come in the different sectors. As government, I can assure you that we are doing exactly what the President promised the people. The President promised the people that we are going to give an enabling environment for the investors to come and invest in our country so that they can employ our people. When you go in the mining sector, we have a lot of companies which have come and these companies are working and they have employed a lot of Zambians,” Lusambo explained, who once confessed that he was President Lungu’s number one bootlicker

And Lusambo advised the opposition UPND to go for a political retreat.

“You don’t recognise the President, what are you going to impeach? They (UPND) don’t know what they are doing [and] that’s why I’m inviting them to come for political lessons. I can assure you that what I have seen in UPND is [a] circus! Let them sit down, reflect and come back…or let them go for a retreat so that they start thinking in the right direction,” said Lusambo.

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