Hamukale hiding from reality that PF has failed – UPND

SOUTHERN Province minister Edify Hamukale is a “brainless political individual” who is barking to please his master President Edgar Lungu, the UPND has alleged.

Hamukale on Monday during the Youth Day Celebrations held at David Livingstone High School, in an apparent reference to UPND’s leader Hakainde Hichilema, said Southern Province had not churned out useful politicians since the days of Elijah Mudenda, Mainza Chona and Kebby Musokotwane who all once held Zambia’s second highest political office during Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s rein.

“We have of late been closed to political mediocrity here in Southern Province…we had Mainza Chona, he served as vice-president from 1970 to 1973 and as prime minister; we had Elijah Mudenda, he served as Zambia’s second prime minister and Kebby Musokotwane, who also served as prime minister. Be stimulated by real political achievers,” he said.
“We haven’t churned out real political leaders in Southern Province like Mudenda, Chona and Musokotwane…read about these leaders and
stimulate your thinking not this mediocrity we see, not these businessmen who haven’t been to parliament.”

However, the remark has infuriated UPND local leadership with Southern Province secretary Winnerson Ng’uni saying Hamukale was hiding from Zambia’s realities that the PF had failed the people.

“He is just a political brainless individual who is busy barking to please his master in the PF…Hamukale will soon be running to us seeking for solace because time is not on the PF’s side,” Ng’uni said.

He said Hichilema and his leadership at national level, in parliament and at grassroots levels were better than what the PF currently had.

Ng’uni said Hamukale was a discarded politician who was just picked to fill the void for the PF in Southern Province because President Lungu had failed to find good leaders in the PF to take on the UPND.

“One wonders why we still don’t have a district commissioner in Livingstone after 2016. This is a true realisation that there is no leadership in the PF and if Mr Lungu appointed some outsider to fill
the position, Livingstone would be on fire in the PF. We have the best brains in the UPND and the people he referred to, had they been alive, they would have been glad to associate themselves with the UPND and not the PF which is a corrupt party,” said Ng’uni.

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