Sinda MP stops PF cadres from harassing UPND boy

SINDA independent member of parliament Masauso Tembo has asked Sinda residents to desist from engaging in violence, saying violence destroys the image of political leaders.

Speaking to ward officials and constituency leaders during the distribution of 120 bicycles branded with President Edgar Lungu’s portrait and the PF symbol at Chochi guest house on Saturday, Tembo said he was not going to tolerate violence in Sinda district.

He said this after witnessing cadres manhandling a boy who was wearing UPND regalia.

“Please leave him alone. What wrong has he done? What is wrong with the boy? This is the conduct we don’t want. You are the ones that destroy our names…you are destroying the party. I don’t have money to pay for you once arrested because we are busy working…can you leave the boy free. This is not time for politicking, it is time to work,” Tembo said.

He called on his followers to continue embracing strong UPND members saying it was a way of weakening the party.

“We have to make the party strong. We have a task to win members to our party. Let’s get back all the wasted votes…if someone leaves the party, that is a wasted vote which we should try to bring back. It’s time to restore all our lost members but that can only be done if we work extremely hard,” Tembo said.

And Tembo said it as wrong for residents to think that Kapoche member of parliament Charles Banda and himself were enemies.

“I wish to urge you the leaders at district level that me and Kapoche honourable Banda are not enemies. Some of you want to create tension between us. You call Mr. Banda and tell him something and you also call me to tell me something, stop it! You have to help us develop Sinda because there is no difference between Sinda and Kapoche…we are all one but mukamwa muleke, tisiyeni tisebenze bwino bwino na honorable Banda. I want peace and I want us with Mr. Banda to sale the agenda of the party and provide what we are supposed to deliver,” he stated

Tembo also advised councillors to ensure that they explain to the residents what government was doing.

“Councillors, you have time to explain what government is doing but the problem is that you are just loafing. You are doing nothing and your job is just to say ‘I second’ in the Council chamber. Meet the people and understand their problems. Help people understand what the government is doing” he said.

Tembo urged residents to ensure that the bicycles donated to them were used for the intended purpose-party mobilisation.

And PF district chairperson Michael Phiri urged party members to support Tembo.

“We have to appreciate the member of parliament for what he is doing. He did not win on PF ticket but we have all seen that as an independent MP, he is doing a lot and we have to appreciate him” said Phiri, adding that the bicycles were meant to mobilise the party fully and to make it strong on the ground.

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