PF members speak good of Lungu just to keep their stomachs full – Rainbow


EASTERN Province Rainbow Party chairperson Wezz Mfune has alleged that most PF members speak good of President Edgar Lungu just to keep their stomachs full.

Mfune told The Mast that if President Lungu followed and respected the word of God, he wouldn’t be tolerating corruption and injustice of his party and government.

“This PF is corruption and full of injustice. The PF call Lungu ‘Mwana wa Mulungu’ just because they want to eat and get fed. The statements they are saying do not come from their hearts. All they want is to blindfold him with Godly names. Mwana wa Mulungu is not engaged in corrupt activities, mwana wa Mulungu does not mistreat farmers the way Edgar Lungu has handled farmers; even God is not happy,” Mfune said.

He  said there were many wrong things being done by the PF and its government which ruling party members were failing to condemn.

“Why do we say PF is after eating? It is because the President has committed a lot of wrongs but no one has stood up to criticise him; everyone is just praising him, a situation which even the president should bear in mind that something is wrong because it’s not that everyone can be saying good of you,” Mfune said.

When asked about inter-party dialogue which the Commonwealth is facilitating, Mfune said what people want was to vote PF out in 2021 because “it’s a party that does not promote peace among people”.

“People are not interested to hear about this dialogue because they know PF as a sturbon party. All people want is to vote out these thieves…,” Mfune said.

He also wondered why the PF had started to talk about the local printing of ballot papers when the next elections were still far.

“It’s hard to trust PF and Government Printers over the printing of ballots because the interest shown by PF over local printing is questionable,” said Mfune.

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  1. nshilimbemba

    March 18, 2018 at 8:54 pm

    Really our politics in zambia is only about food we should progress from food politics to true political lives , in some countries politics is no longer food based because every one has food to eat and clothing.
    Poverty can be very costly everyone going in politics because they want employment too bad .

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