No one taking civil servants, PF members to task – Sakala

CIVIL servants and PF cadres are free to do whatever they want under President Edgar Lungu’s administration because there is no one to take them to task, says Sinda district NDC youth chairperson Michael Sakala.

In an interview, Sakala said it was unfortunate that civil servants and PF members were not afraid of mismanaging public resources because of what they were seeing from the top PF leadership.

“As far as we know, people are not afraid of Edgar Lungu’s leadership. I say so because there are a lot of wrong things being done by civil servants and PF cadres. This is a sign that there is no fear of the law. I am sure you remember the noise that the issues of fire tenders, ambulances…brought…the mukula issue. All these things tell us that public servants and PF cadres are free to do whatever they want,” Sakala said.

He said it was also clear that civil servants in some sectors had gone to sleep because there was no motivation.

“It is unfortunate that political cadres are more respected than civil servants. Politicians live in good houses while civil servants live in small and deplorable houses. There is need for President Lungu to ensure that civil servants are well taken care of if the country wants to make civil servants effective,” Sakala said.

He called on NDC youth to remain humble and desist from engaging in violent activities even when provoked.

And Sinda district NDC district chairperson James Banda said the PF government was frustrating everyone.

He said Zambians couldn’t wait for 2021 to vote the PF out of government.

“The PF knows that Kambwili is going to form government in 2021 and they are doing everything possible to disturb his dream. They will not succeed. PF is scared of Kambwili because they know that he is one of the founders of PF. Despite most of us NDC members coming from PF, our plans for this country are totally different,” said Banda.

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