Govt grants Unitel International Holdings B.V licence for fourth mobile phone network provider

ZICTA has awarded a Netherlands company Unitel International Holdings B.V a license to provide a forth mobile network services.

Unitel International Holdings B.V is majority shareholder in UZi Zambia Limited, which will operate as fourth mobile phone network provider.

In a statement Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority corporate communications manager Ngabo Nankonde, stated that UZi Zambia had pledged to invest over US$350 million and would create over 450 direct employment opportunities to support their operations in Zambia.

“The company intends to deploy LTE technology countrywide for their network which would fully support both 4G and 5G technologies. The investment has also earmarked presence in unserved and underserved areas of the country and will deploy 100 universal access sites in these areas. The major shareholder for UZi Zambia Limited is Unitel International Holdings B.V which is duly registered in the Netherlands,” Nankonde stated.

“This development follows the conclusion of a technical and financial evaluation process of the investment proposals in support of the issuance of the two licenses received by the authority. Pursuant to the Licensing Guidelines of 2017, on September 26, 2017, the Authority, through an open competitive process, invited for investment proposals that would lead to an issuance of the licenses.”

Nankonde stated that United International Holdings B.V has a good track record spanning a period of over 10 years with presence in Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde and Portugal.

She further stated that the process leading to the award of the license was preceded by comprehensive market reviews undertaken by ZICTA between 2015 and 2017.

“The market reviews revealed, among other things, the need to deepen competition on the market with a view to attain more competitive pricing outcomes as well as enhance the levels of investment on the market,” explained Nankonde.

“…the country can look forward to improvements in the quality of services offered on the market, competitive pricing outcomes as well as enhanced diversity in the product offerings on the market arising from this initiative to deepen competition.”

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