Impeachment process against Lungu a lesson to others, says Kazabu

THE arrest of Chishimba Kambwili is meant to intimidate members of parliament who are in support of President Edgar Lungu’s impeachment process, says former agriculture and Livestock deputy minister Lackson Kazabu. And Kazabu says the impeachment process against President Edgar Lungu will serve as a lesson to future heads of state that no person is bigger than the Zambian Constitution.

Meanwhile, Kazabu says no matter how long it takes, the PF leadership will one day have their time in police cells and courts of law.
In an interview, Kazabu, a former PF Nkana member of parliament, said those opposed to the impeachment process were just safeguarding their ministerial jobs in the PF government.

“How can a government that is supposed to protect its citizens begin to harass and intimidate them in all sorts of manner? Hakainde Hichilema went through a harsh treatment when he had not committed any crime worth taking him to a maximum detention facility. Now it is Chishimba Kambwili. They have denied him police bond as if he has committed murder, his rights to justice has been taken away and policemen armed with all sorts of gadgets surround a private hospital,”

Kazabu said.
“Adding one plus one shows that the actions to arrest and denying Kambwili police bound was just to intimidate and threaten lawmakers against speaking out in favour of the impeachment process. This act is just to intimidate MPs but it won’t work, just like it took to get Jacob Zuma out for corruption, the PF leadership will have their day in police custody and courts of law to answer for their wrongdoings.”

He said the lawmakers who were saying that the impeachment process was nonsensical just had personal interests to protect, not those of
the nation.

Kazabu said Zambians and members of parliament needed to understand that the impeachment of President Edgar Lungu would serve as a lesson
to anyone who would assume the office of President in future.

“It acts as a lesson that you can’t do as you wish. President Lungu took oath to protect the Constitution of the country and people, the irrepresentatives, who are members of parliament, have every right to ask him to account for his wrongdoing,”

Kazabu said.

He said what the country was experiencing under the leadership of President Lungu had never transpired before.

Kazabu said every well meaning Zambian should praise the members of parliament such as Garry Nkombo for leading the impeachment process.

“The impeachment process is about the principal and duty of members of parliament to defend the Constitution. What people should be
discussing is whether President Lungu has violated the Constitution or misconducted himself. It should not be confused with the impending political dialogue. Dialogue between political parties or party leaders does not take away the rights and duties of members of parliament to defend the Republican Constitution,”

he said.

“Garry Nkombo and all those MPs who are in support of the impeachment process need to be commended because they have taken the most ideological position as no one is above the Constitution. It has been said before by many people that no individual is bigger than the Republican Constitution and so we need to support the motion in whatever manner even if we are not in the chamber. We need to support them so that they know that they are not alone.”

Kazabu further said Zambians had every right to ask any leader, be it a President, to account for their actions. He revealed that he had at one time sat next to Kambwili in parliament and knows his medical condition.

“I know that Kambwili has diabetes and this compounded with High Blood Pressure is a lethal combination. I pray for Kambwili to be well and that his family to be strong in this trying moment. I want to also call on all citizens to speak out against the violations of human rights being perpetrated by the PF government under the leadership of Edgar Lungu. We can’t continue to be quiet when things are seen to be wrong. And we should speak out. We are said to be a Christian nation but I am not seeing the principles of Christianity in President Lungu’s leadership. I am seeing dictatorship. Whatever one says, the police are unleashed on that person; that is not the principle of Christianity and democracy,” said Kazabu.

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