Mines to start online submission of their monthly mineral returns

MINES director Mooya Lumamba says all major mining operations on the Copperbelt and North Western provinces are to start submitting their monthly mineral returns online.

The Zambia Revenue Authority, in collaboration with the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, has rolled out the use of electronic mineral export module and all mining companies that are dully licensed to deal in copper, cobalt and precious stones, either large or small scale, are expected to apply online on the mineral export permit application module.

During a media briefing held at Shebourne Hotel on Friday, Lumamba said the rolling out of the electronic mineral export module was in line with the government’s desire to develop an integrated mineral output and statistical evaluation system that would give the government a full and clear sight of the mineral value chain from exploration to the exportation.

“Effective March 15, 2018, all export permits for copper, cobalt and precious metals are being applied [for] online on the mineral export permit application module by all the exporters who are duly licensed to deal in the minerals and this will cover everyone, including the small scale miners,” Lumamba said.

He said this would lower the costs and burden of compliance in meeting obligatory reports to the mines ministry and other relevant government institutions.

Lumamba said the electronic mineral export module would help to minimise the need for users to supply duplicate information and offered a simplified procedure of obtaining exports and import permits.

He said the new system would improve customs efficiency at the border when using electronic quota count off and would also improve trust among all stakeholders in the industry.

“The rolling out of the export permit application system is another major milestone scored by the mineral value chain monitoring support project (MVCMSP) and the first was the migration of all major mining companies to electronic mineral production report. This will help lower costs, it will simplify the procedure of obtaining export or import permits whereas some documentation can be sent by uploading scanned documents,” said Lumamba.

And Zambia Revenue Authority director of projects Kenneth Munkombwe said the project had been achieved due to government’s commitment to streamlining its regulatory functions in the mining sector.

He said the government was committed to ensuring that public service delivery was enhanced.

Munkombwe said the mineral value chain monitoring project, which was implemented at a cost of US$10.2 million, had received tremendous support from the Norwegian government who had contributed UIS$6 million.

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