Kamanga sets tone for FAZ AGM

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says only 89 delegates would attend this year’s Annual General Meeting as provided under the new constitution.

Kamanga has set the tone for this weekend’s AGM by giving insight on the delegates to attend under the new constitution.
“In the past the FAZ council had 380 members. We had to shed that down to 89 members and those 89 are fully categorized in terms of who is attending,” he said on Muvi Television’s The Assignment programme.
Kamanga explained that composition was clear according to the new constitution with a breakdown of 20 Super League and the same number for Division One, Two and Three.
He said that various constitutional changes had been effected in line with the new constitution with provincial offices set up.
“When you speak to some people who are used to attending the AGM, they are not happy that the executive has changed in terms of who was going to attend and who was not going to attend. The new constitution is aligned by league tables and all we had to do was for Division One we took the first five in each league, Division Two and Three the first two,” he said.
“It is a simple and objective process, it is a case of where did you finish in the last league and we recognize your position and then say this is where you are going to be.”
And Kamanga disclosed that the technical committee would meet this week to review Chipolopolo coach Wedson Nyirenda’s position in the aftermath of the Four Nation Tournament that saw Zambia emerge runners-up to South Africa.
FAZ will hold the AGM on Saturday under the new constitution.
Kamanga also said that the association had taken steps to regularize the issue of creditors that has surfaced after the announcement of the MTN sponsorship deal last week.
“What we are trying to do is where we owe, we are going to make good. I think some of these debts go as far back as 2013,” he said.
“We have now requested all the creditors, whoever is owed money by FAZ to now come and validate their claim, we want to see an order from FAZ, a claim based on the statement and everything else.”
Kamanga said that the association would by June have provincial cups clubs with two sponsors already confirmed for Eastern and North Western provinces.
He also said that his executive had made progress on many of the benchmarks he had set before assuming office in 2016.
“We have been very transparent and take very strong exception to issues around corruption and I think in our conduct both at executive and secretariat level we have tried to eliminate any aspects of potential corruption,” he said.
Kamanga said steps had been made toward delinking the league from FAZ with a committee already in place.
“What I promised was that we were going to deal with the constitution, which we have already done. We promised to restructure the league which we have already announced and there is a committee in place to talk about delinking the league from FAZ, we have talked about provincial offices,” he said.
“These are the elements which were in the campaign document which we are now implementing. So certainly if you look at what we promised and what we are achieving, we are half way through and I think we are doing very well. We are not far off from the mark.”
The FAZ president said that the technical committee would meet to address the concerns over the performance of the national team.
“His performance isfifty-fifty but of course we are calling another technical meeting so I do not want to pre-empt what will be discussed there because he is in there with certain performance targets. His performance is evaluated as we go so certainly we are going to review what has transpired between the CHAN and the last games,” said Kamanga.

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