Theft of public resources starts from top leadership, says Mwale

SINDA Constituency UPND chairperson Vincent Mwale says the problem that Zambia faces is that theft of public resources starts from the top leadership.

In a press statement, Mwale alleged that the PF was a party of thieves that had brought unbearable suffering to the people.

He was referring to continued displeasure by traditional leaders against the six-month suspension slapped on PF Kasangazi ward councillor for allegedly stealing public materials meant for a teacher’s house at Mkwinda Primary School.

“PF is a party of thieves and we cannot be surprised at the fearless behavior of theft by a ward councillor. This is because theft in Patriotic Front starts from the top leadership…These councillors see those on top misusing public funds and they further believe they shouldn’t miss the opportunities but what they forget or ignore is that their theft is injuring these communities which in turn become so much upset and disappointed with them. Let PF government not ignore the traditional leaders and their subjects’ grievances,”

Mwale stated.

He stated that good leadership did seek selfish satisfaction but to ensure the community gets maximum benefits from the leadership they chose.

“We can say people trusted them and tried to put them to test but now instead of doing justice to your boss, you become arrogant, then what do you expect? Leadership is not about theft, leadership is about providing the best service to the people. The community is expecting a lot from the government in power but it’s unfortunate that they don’t get what they chose for and this makes people get irritated now and then. They have killed agriculture under PF, they have killed education under PF and many other avenues that were benefiting the citizens have been killed by the PF government…so sad indeed,” Mwale complained.

He added that the call by the people who voted for politicians should be respected and followed.

“We the politicians have to bear in mind that what our electorates feel and believe should be done is paramount. If electorates say we don’t want this one, who are you to ignore them? The community says they don’t want the councillor and you are there giving him suspension…They don’t want him, period,” Mwale stated.

He also reminded the politicians not to ignore the concerns of the traditional leaders.

“We say njoka yopusa ilumila kumcila. Let’s not overlook traditional leaders because doing so will be like breaking the bridge. We expected PF to take heed to the call of the traditional leaders, we expected them to be engaged in the decision making but they were left out. The DC did not help, the council did not help and what do you think the community will do? It will definitely judge that they are all thieves…”

Mwale said.

“Once we form government, we shall not tolerate what the PF are doing. We shall ensure thieves are brought to book and prosecuted regardless of the positions they hold in government or community because we want this theft cancer in PF to die and never come again under the UPND leadership.”

He called on Zambians to start assessing political leaders critically before voting for them into office.

“I want to remind the PF that the anger and unhappiness of people will be shown in Chiwuyu by-election. People are not happy and that is a testing ground for PF and UPND and I can assure you that PF is not getting the seat. That time for electorates to speak has come again and Chiwuyu will speak and we hope all the areas where there are by elections will speak one voice against PF,”

said Mwale.

Last week, about 47 traditional leaders in Sinda’s Kasangazi area met and voiced out their displeasure over the council’s decision to suspend area councillor for six months, a move they say was too lenient.

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