We’re not wasting resources on campaign materials – PF

PATRIOTIC Front member of the central committee in charge of party mobilisation Charles Banda says if the opposition think PF is wasting resources to buy bicycles, motorbikes and vehicles for campaigns, then they should walk while the ruling party drives, rides and cycles.

Speaking in Sinda constituency after distributing 120 bicycles and two motorbikes, Banda, the Kapoche member of parliament, said the opposition should not be injured with the way PF is strengthening itself in readiness for future elections.

He said if the opposition thought it was fine for them to campaign on foot, then they were free to do so while PF will cycle, ride and drive during party mobilisation.

“This is the start of party mobilisation in readiness for future elections. What we want is to consolidate the party in all the areas. We are to distribute 120 bicycles to ward officials, and I have brought two motorbikes – one for the youth chairperson and another one for the publicity (secretary). This is to make the work easier, we can’t torture our people by walking long distances, we have to ensure the mobility is there and the party will be strengthened,”

Banda said.

“Those that want to see what we are doing in our party are wasting time; if they think we are wasting resources to buy bicycles, motorbikes and vehicles then, they are wasting their time. Us we will cycle, we will ride and we will drive, let them walk if they don’t want and we shall continue mobilising the party through cycling, riding and driving.”

However, there was an accident involving youth chairperson Misheck Mwale and a party member who tried to ride the motorbike after the former lied to district youth chairperson Pingilani Banda that he knew how to ride a motorbike.

Mwale and his passenger fell on the tarmac seconds into their ride.

And Banda has claimed that anyone mounting early campaigns in the name of PF was a liar.

He said those campaigning for the PF now were liars and rebels.

“We have heard of early campaigns being mounted by some people who are going round in the name of PF. They are not Patriotic Front members, if they are then they (are rebels). I want to state this loud and clear as a party statement. Those who campaign are not PF members because they are showing unruly behaviour that they are not ready to adhere to the party dictates,”

Banda said.

He said any party member who aligned themselves with the rebels would be kicked out.

And Banda, who is also tourism and arts minister, attended the World TB Day which was held in Chataika clinic and said TB should be taken seriously such that whoever was unwell should make use of the health facilities. He said good health started with a person’s positive mindset about themselves and further warned traditional healers not to disturb health services with their lies.

“Health is very important and TB should be taken seriously like any disease and these traditional healers have no space in such diseases; they should leave it to the health centres to handle,” said Banda later in an interview.

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