Candidates gear up for Chiwuyu by-election


SINDA PF provincial chairperson Andrew Lubusha has appealed to members in the district to sell the party’s agenda during the Chiwuyu by-election.

Speaking to party members during the filing of nominations by candidates at Chiwuyu Primary School on Tuesday, Lubusha said President Lungu was  appealing to members and people in Sinda to desist from violent campaigns during the by-election.

“We are here to present you a candidate in the name of the President. And the word from President Edgar Chagwa Lungu your son is that let’s make sure the elections we have here in Sinda are peaceful. The President and the secretary general Davies Mwila say let’s show a good picture here in Sinda. Let’s ensure we behave to our best and our tool is to sell the agenda of PF with all the developments our party has indicated across the country. Let’s campaign peacefully and ndeo yai [no fighting],” said Lubusha.

And PF candidate Ananias Sakala said he was hopeful that he would deliver because of the party’s good policies.

He said he would not be a councillor to deliver regalia but development to the people.

“Thank you for your support. I promise to work for you and I desire to sell the agenda of PF government to you. We all run away when our beloved ones die and rise as ghost, isn’t it? Now how can you hug a ghost? There are some candidates who lost and now they have come again. Run away from them and come to me and PF because we are alive, ” said Sakala.

And UPND chairperson for agriculture Levy Ngoma, who was present to drum up support for the opposition party’s candidate Cosmas Phiri, said Zambians had woken up and cannot be deceived with “wako ni wako” messages.

Phiri is a former Chiwuyu MMD councillor.

Ngoma, the former Sinda member of parliament, said the UPND was currently the only party providing hope to Zambians.

“We are heading for nothing but victory here in Chiwuyu ward as UPND and it’s a clear indication to [President] Edgar Lungu and his party that people are not happy with what they have destroyed such as agriculture, economy and many things in this nation. The only thing we can point in PF is the disaster they have brought to our nation. No wonder the current status in Zambia is that all songs, all roads, all hopes are on UPND because it is the only party with credible policies to benefit Zambians. The wind in eastern has shifted as there is no wako ni wako because people realised they can’t eat wako ni wako. They have realised PF has ‘dununad’ them,” Ngoma said.

He explained that UPND was a peaceful party but could react if provoked.

“We know PF’s violence is full in their DNA and despite being peaceful and if provoked we will … let PF not take our peace for granted,” added Ngoma.

And Phiri promised to complete the projects and development which PF had failed to do.

People’s Alliance for Change deputy general secretary Geralde Malao said there were many things that needed to be changed in Zambia, especially leadership.

“There are a lot of things that need to be changed, that need to be transformed. You are aware that the government of this nation has wealth at the expense of the majority making most of them drive nice cars. No wonder we need government change in 2021. We need leadership that will take the plight of Zambians first than selfish egos,” he said

Malao observed that the challenges Zambians were facing arose from poor governance.

“The impediment is on governance, there is no proper governance in Zambia as one major thing is corruption which one can even smell from far that Zambia smells corruption,”  said Malao.

PAC candidate Caroline Phiri said there were many problems communities were facing due to poor leadership, hence her decision to join the race.

“We suffer a lot as our areas lack good roads, good water and other community needs. As a female, I am determined to win and address the problems we are facing,” said Caroline.

And Rainbow Party candidate Boston Phiri, who is also district chairperson, promised “developmental wonders” because he knew the community needs.

National Democratic Congress candidate Sylvester Kumbuso said he would work hard to deliver what was expected to the people.

And PF member Nason Phiri caused a stir when he made comments while passing through the UPND camp which angered the cadres who almost descended on him.

He was, however, quickly rescued by other party members.

The by-election comes in the wake of the death of PF councillor Patrick Zulu.

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