Children are beacons of development, says RCZ

EASTERN Province Reformed Church in Zambia board chairperson Redson Nyendwa says there is need to ensure children receive better education because they are the beacons of development.

In an interview during the RCZ schools festival at Sinda’s Nyanje Day Secondary School, Nyendwa expressed happiness that pupils had this year performed  well compared to 2017 and 2016.

“We need to look forward that our children receive better education because education is the key to success and these children are the beacons of development. Education is the key to development such that when children are not going to school, it means they miss a lot, they can’t read the books. They can’t learn new things as you might be aware that we are in a technological generation where there are these ICT issues and if a child can’t know how to operate the computer then they will remain behind. All in all, we are glad and proud that our schools’ performance has quite improved compared to last year and the other year just because this year, teachers have put much efforts,” Nyendwa explained.

He observed that children were better development implementers if well-handled and inspired.

“The pupils are very important for they are the ones that take a lead in developing a school, a district, a province and a nation at large because they are moulded to articulate government issues, articulate development issues and become good and wise citizens. If teachers abuse these children, then in the future these are children that become bad farmers, these children become bad parents but if they are helped, you will find they become good leaders, good citizens,”  Nyendwa said.

He appreciated the good relations between the church and the government.

“There is good co-operation as it helps the church in a special way. When you are running something, you need the community to participate to bring in innovations where development should take a place and it is the participation of the parents that helps to perfect such developments in schools and government has been taking a lead,”  Nyendwa said

When asked about how culture had affected education, he said there were other cultures and traditions that were conflicting with church principles and values but that the discussions done by the church and traditional leaders had seen an improvement “like Nyau dancers who do not perform their activities during the school calendar but on holidays and weekends”.

“Culture is quite diverse because there are other cultures that conflict with Christian values, that conflict with Christian principles but despite other cultures that injure the progression of education, we still thank our traditional leaders for scrutinising certain cultures, for example the gule wa mkulu (Nyau) can’t be performed during school calendar and like that, we say that is good because children are given good chance to seek education until weekends or holidays,” Nyendwa said.

He observed that there was need for schools to improve English language especially in debate.

“Teachers need to help pupils articulate issues perfectly, especially English debate.  I have seen that some lack merits but some like Katete and Madzimoyo are doing much better. This is because among most schools, they start preparations quite late and they start pulling their sleeves when they hear there are festivals which is not very good. But I suggest these activities should be on going,” said Nyendwa.

And closing the event, RCZ education board secretary in Eastern Province Joshua Jere said: “This is for your own good. You don’t need to be at a same place always but you need to move and see how other people stay. Mwana asayenda angaone monga namaibake tyala oziba kupika nkhuku koma akayenda ndiye pati akaone kuti kansi kulibanthu oziba kukanzinga nkhuku kuti akati alye kucita kuziluma vikumo na kuwama kwa supu (A child who does not move will think the mother is the best cook until he or she tastes food cooked by others at which one  even bites their fingers because of the goodness of the food)…”

All RCZ schools in the region participated in various activities such as debate, poems, coral, quiz and many others.

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