PF using taxpayers’ money to gain popularity – Nyau

EASTERN Province Rainbow Party youth chairperson Emmanuel Nyau  has accused the PF of using taxpayers’ money to gain popularity.

In an interview, Nyau said people “should not trust the lies that PF say about development when roads and other things are still lacking in most communities”.

He said it was disheartening to  see that PF only wanted to show love to people when there were by-elections or general elections and after that, “the plight of citizens is not listened to”.

“We are having by-elections in some parts of the country and I believe you have already seen fake love and commitment that PF shows to the people. It is well evidenced that PF remembers its people when they need votes from them…they are liars, the roads are bad, people lack clean water, agriculture has been destroyed by PF, most things are in a mess and now they want to claim that they love people! No! They are liars and people shouldn’t trust them,” Nyau said

He said it was unfortunate that the PF wanted to portray to people that they were rich yet they used taxpayers’ money for political gain.

Nyau told people in Sinda’s Chiwuyu ward to show PF a sad face by voting against it and that every Zambian who had felt pain with the PF government should vote against them.

“This time, it’s every Zambian regardless of the party who is convinced that PF has tormented them. The problems we face do not only attack opposition but even the PF members; we languish together and at times us in opposition are better off than them in the boat. My message is that he who has been tormented by PF government should show them during these by-elections that we are not happy. Why go and vote for a party in government that has no regard for people who voted for it?” he wondered.

Nyau said all the bicycles, t-shirts, chitenges, motorbikes and vehicles that PF was distributing to people were not free as it was their tax money that they got from them.

“People should not be misled about PF. PF has no money to buy all the things they give people. Those are things bought from taxpayers money which they use to buy vitenges, t-shirts and other things alike which they claim are for party mobilisation. Let’s show PF and President Lungu that we are not happy by voting against them in these by-elections and like in Chiwuyu, go and vote for Boston Phiri, a Rainbow Party candidate,” Nyau said.

When asked about the impeachment motion lodged by the UPND, Nyau said the idea was alright.


“…but the unfortunate thing is that even if President Lungu was impeached, the PF would remain in power until 2021…I feel it’s a sheer waste of time because what we want is to get rid of PF but when you look at the impeachment, what will happen is that even if the President is impeached, the Vice-President will be the President and PF will still be in power. What we want is to get rid of PF government; that is why the best thing is to get ready for 2021 than these petty issues,” said Nyau who reminded electorates to think of their problems if they are to make wise choices when voting.

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