Mumba’s bail application pends as magistrate fails to show up

LUSAKA principal resident magistrate David Simusamba’s absence from court to hear bail applicaton by MMD leader Nevers Mumba has disappointed his sympathisers.

Magistrate Simusamba last Tuesday set yesterday as the day for ruling on Mumba’s bail application pending determination of his appeal in the High Court against his three-month sentence for allegedly giving false information to a public officer at ZNBC.

Magistrate Simusamba on March 28 jailed Mumba after he found him guilty of giving false information at ZNBC that he had an appointment with the news editor in relation to the UPND petition story when in fact not.

He, however, acquitted him of criminal tresspass at ZNBC.

After hearing his application for bail presented by his lawyer Robert Simeza, magistrate Sumusamba reserved ruling to yesterday but he failed to show up.

However, magistrate Simusamba was reportedly on the Copperbelt on Thursday.

And civil rights activists Brebner Changala complained about the absence of magistrate Simusamba.

Speaking outside the Magistrates’ Court premises, Changala told the media that Mumba needed to know his ruling because he had been incarcerated for a while now.

“The magistrate set this date to hear Dr Nevers Mumba’s application today. It’s not Dr Mumba who set the date. For some reasons, he has decided to disappear. This man has spent the whole Easter holiday behind bars. This man has appealed to the High Court because he doesn’t believe that he is genuinely convicted,” said Changala.

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