Sinda PF accuses UPND Chiwuyu candidate of theft

SINDA PF vice-chairlady Zangose Mwale has accused UPND’s Chiwuyu by-election  candidate Cosmas Phiri of having stolen K50,000 meant for the construction of Chiwuyu clinic when he was a civic leader.

But Phiri has dismissed the claims, saying the PF has nothing to tell the people.

Speaking at Kabanje village where she was drumming support for PF candidate Ananias Sakala, Mwale warned the electorate against voting for Phiri whom she claimed stole money meant for development.

“We came here to show you the right leader, we don’t want you to go and vote for Cosmas. Cosmas is a thief, don’t trust him, don’t go there. Cosmas anadya ndalama za citukuko zokwanila K50,000 pomanga cipatala in Chiwuyu, now why should you go there? Please don’t vote for a thief. And he who is associated with a thief becomes a thief too,” alleged Mwale.

And community social welfare chairperson for Chiwuyu ward Maxwell Banda seconded Mwale’s statement that Phiri was a thief saying during the construction of Chiwuyu bridge, 25 bags of cement that remained were taken by the UPND candidate from Sakala’s house where it was kept.

Banda said Phiri also got a K3,000 cheque from Sakala belonging to a certain club and that  former Sinda member of parliament Levy Ngoma testified that he donated K50,000 for the clinic but that the work was not seen.

“Not only that, Levy Ngoma, the one campaigning for Cosmas, came when I was a member of the traditional committee. Ngoma told us that he had released K50,000 for the clinic to be used for its completion and other things and he complained that he doesn’t see the fruits of the K50,000. That was also another sign indicating that Cosmas is a thief, kawalala,” alleged Banda.

And district PF chairperson Michael Phiri said Phiri had been a civic leader for ten years but only managed to drill less than seven boreholes and built one clinic.

“Cosmas was a councillor for ten years but in these ten years, he just managed to build one clinic and less than seven boreholes he sunk in his leadership. Now meaning in 20 years time, he will build two clinics and sink about 14 boreholes but is that what you want? We the PF in one year six months, we have drilled 10 boreholes meaning in 20 years you can’t even talk,” he said.

Phiri said when PF was doing well, the UPND became upset and jealous.

“When PF is doing well, UPND does not feel well, all it wants is PF to kill you. All it wants is PF to fail, that is why a jealous person wants everything to be his. Let’s not mind about Ngoma, he is a person who resurfaces during elections and after that he goes to Lusaka so let’s vote for PF so that Ngoma akakhale Ku Lusaka akaoneko banja because UPND politics is seasoned; they come and go but no development…,” said Phiri.

Sinda independent member of parliament Masauso Tembo claimed that Ngoma and Cosmas were outdated politicians that cannot make people’s lives better because they were worn out politically.

“Choose life people. Don’t associate with ghosts because some politicians are ghosts, like Ngoma and Cosmas.  They lost now what do they want? In life we don’t hug a dead person who has risen, no! Now we challenged them, why should you trust them? They are ghosts; when you see them don’t go, they are not humans, they are political ghosts,” Tembo said

He further promised the people of Masulwe area that he would build a secondary school to reduce the distances children cover to other secondary schools and that it would happen if they give him a right candidate.

“Mu PF vicitika. We scored one in the e-voucher system in Eastern Province. Currently I have plans to build you a secondary school but that will happen if you give me a correct person than Cosmas. I can’t work with him. Don’t associate with these with bloodish (red) attire [UPND] … when you see them remain in homes, don’t go there. Don’t get their vitenges, remain in your homes. Regalia is not development. We need things that can change people’s lives, not vitenge which Ngoma is trying to give people in their homes,” said Tembo.

And PF candidate Ananias Sakala urged people what they were being told that he is lazy.

“UPND is a finished broom that can’t sweep and if you force it, it will scratch the floor. They spread lies that I am selfish when it’s them who are totally selfish. Don’t listen to them as they want to disturb my developmental plan for this area with the PF government,” said Sakala.

But Cosmas described the PF’s sentiments as cheap politics.

“That’s because PF has nothing to tell people. A councillor does not hold money. We are at the receiving end. Procuring is done by the council officers. The PF has no message to tell people. Those are mere allegations and that time we were audited by Katete and if I was a thief, I would have been arrested. As you know, public funds are serious cases. I am not worried about the PF lies,” said Cosmas who also accused the PF of being “thieves who want to blame the theft on others”.

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