ZIBSIP is very dirty, a disaster in waiting – Luo


ZAMBIA Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) is a disaster in waiting because it is very dirty, says higher education minister Prof Nkandu Luo. And Prof Luo days government will go ahead and construct a technology centre in Ndola to equip the zambian students.

Meanwhile, Prof Luo says Zambia’s curriculum in trade schools should be changed.

“ZIPSIP is a disaster in waiting. The school is just too dirty. If health authorities were to visit, it can be closed without even wasting time. However, it is good that the students will be closing and management can have time to improve the situation. So I hope that you minister (of Copperbelt Japhen Mwakalombe) can have time and visit these institutions,” Prof Luo said after paying a courtesy call on Mwakalombe at his office in Ndola yesterday.

She further told Mwakalombe that the conduct of lecturers at ZIPSIP was not good.

“I found lecturers not teaching. Now I wonder what they are doing. They need to take responsibility and know why they are there. We don’t have to be forcing people to work. It is not good. We need an attitude change,” Prof Luo said.

Earlier, Prof Luo visited Northern Technical College in Ndola where she said the college was becoming smaller because a lot of people now want to get skills.

She said the government would go ahead and construct a technology centre in Ndola that would equip students with skills.

“Im a pleased to let you know that as government, we are going ahead to construct a technology centre here in Ndola. This centre was to be brought here at NORTEC but we have found land in Bwana Mkumbwa constituency where this centre will be constructed,” Prof Luo said.

“This country needs skills development in technology. Skills development is key for this country. We need to equip our people with skills that are long sustaining. Africa has now appreciated the need to invest in skills development.”

She further said the curriculum that is in trade schools needed to be changed.

“This curriculum that we have in trade schools should be changed. We can’t have a situation where someone spends three years only to be given a certificate. If they want to get a degree, they start all over again. No, this should not be the case. Our programs should be redesigned to meet the current trend and help our students to further their education and not starting from one. How can a person who has spent three years, given a certificate and his salary will be based on a certificate level?” wondered Prof Luo.

“Our years of training should not be awarded with a certificate, we need to change this. We are offloading a lot of students and need to make life easier for our youth.”

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