Zanaco to develop golf academy

THERE is a lot of golf talent in Zambia which needs help to be developed and nurtured, says Zanaco managing director and CEO Henk Mulder.

During a briefing ahead of tomorrow’s Zanaco Masters 2018 tournament, Mulder said the bank needed to look at developing a youth golf academy to help the development of the abundant talent.

“It’s not just only focusing on the tournament as Zanaco. What we would love to do is to help to develop the young players’ kind of golf academy [with] support from Zanaco. I think that is something we seriously need to look at now,” Mulder said.

“There is a lot of talent in Zambia like in any other country, there is always talent. We have to see what we have to do to develop it further.”

He further urged local golfers who will be taking part in the tournament to aim for the pin.

“What I can say to the Zambian golfers is do your utmost, do the max you can, stay relaxed and hit the ball very far and very near to the pin,” Mulder said.

He hoped the sponsorship of the tournament would go on for a few more years.

“I hope for the next three, four years and beyond but you can never look beyond three years nowadays in the corporate world so you better not do that. But it’s not a one-year commitment; it’s a longer term commitment,” said Mulder.

Forty nine sponsors led by Zanaco are sponsoring Zambia’s biggest golf tournament this year. Last year’s tournament was scooped by South Africa’s Oliver Bekker.

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