Insanity in the name of protecting Lungu shouldn’t be tolerated, says PF member

PATRIOTIC Front member Victor Kalesha says the bad behaviour being exhibited by some ruling party supporters is a big blow to its existence.

On Saturday, PF cadre Maxwell Chungu patronised Lusaka bars wearing the SDA Dorcas uniform to hit back at a Dorcas member of Nampundwe who allegedly ‘insulted’ President Edgar Lungu.

Kalesha stated that it was unfortunate that some PF supporters had continued behaving badly, therefore turnishing the party’s name.

“It is unfortunate that some people do not read between the lines when taking certain actions like the one portrayed by Max Chungu. I don’t think the Seventh Day deserves that kind of insult from Max Chungu. I have a lot of respectable family, friends and colleagues who are SDA and they are Dorcas mothers who should not be insulted by Max in such a manner. And his behaviour is a huge blow to the party as everyone is thinking that’s how everyone in the party behaves,” Kalesha stated.

He stated that such behaviour by PF memebers should be condemned and the law should  be enforced on them.

Kalesha stated that it was sad that PF members had gone to an extent of insulting respectable churches such as the SDA in the name of pledging support to the President.

He stated that President Lungu was a President for everyone and he deserves to be respected.

Kalesha stated that “insanity in the name of protecting the President should not be tolarated in the party as everyone thinks that was the calibre of every PF supporter”.

He stated that Chongu’s behaviour should not be entertained by the PF as he was weakening the party.

Kalesha stated that it was important  that the PF and Chongu apologise to the SDA Church for the insult.

“President Edgar Lungu is the President for all Zambians and if one person insults the Presidency, it is up to the law enforcement agencies to enforce the law. The action by Max Chongu wearing the SDA Dorcas mothers uniform and drinking in it is a very bad behaviour and I would like to urge the top leadership to condemn Max’s action to drag a respectable church wing in such disrespectable manner. I want to urge every sane PF member to condemn Max’s action because we cannot tolerate such insanity in the name of protecting or defending the President,” stated Kalesha.


PF media director Sunday Chanda quickly issued a statement after Chongu’s pictures send video clips went viral, saying his action had no blessing of the party.


“The ruling Patriotic Front wishes to distance itself and any of its structures from images circulating bearing Maxwell Chongu clad in a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Dorcas uniform while holding a bottle of beer. The party finds the said images to be highly offensive. The images are highly inappropriate and unacceptable not only to the SDA church but the Christian Community and society in general. Maxwell Chongu must take personal responsibility and make peace with the SDA church, Christians and society at large,” stated Chanda.

“Patriotic Front has immense respect for the Church and in this case, the SDA, where we also draw a good number of membership. We believe the Church occupies a place to be respected by all as it plays its prophetic role in the life of the nation.”


However, Chongu said he neither had apologies nor regrets for his action.



“I am a man of my words who keeps my promise regardless of the situation. I said if I see no apology, I  will wear the  Dorcas mother uniform and I saw no apology, therefore I had to fulfill my promise,” stated Chongu.

“I have no regrets nor do I owe anyone any apology for the move to wear the Dorcas mother uniform; I had no blessings from the PF party nor any party structure just like the way that Dorcas mother lady had no blessings from the seventh day Adventist Church when she addressed my PRESIDENT EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU as a CHAKOLWA…when our distinguished humble leader President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was being insulted, no one came to his defense and you will be STUPID to think i was not aggrieved. My son is five years old and for him to be telling me that ‘Dad have you seen the video were President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is being insulted’, you think it’s a laughing matter? I also want to make it clear that as an ordinary member of the Patriotic Front Party, I have my own rights which I understand pretty well enshrined in the Supreme document of this land called the CONSTITUTION and no one can tell me how to handle them…”

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