Luo asks UNZA, CBU to drop parallel non-quarter study programmes

PROFESSOR Nkandu Luo has advised UNZA and CBU to get rid of the parallel non-quota system as it is hindering students from furthering their education at the two universities.

The parallel non-quota system allows individuals with poor results to be enrolled on condition that they sign an agreement to fund their study.

In an interview, Prof Luo, the higher education minister, said the parallel non-quota system was bad and should be scrapped with immediate effect.

Prof Luo said the system was shuttering students’ dreams of studying at university as many were failing to pay for themselves.

“It’s unfair on a child who spends two years of learning and they cannot continue because of a bad system. We need to remove it and allow these children to continue with their studies with the help of the ministry,” Prof Luo said.

She said the most affected students were orphans whose parents signed that they would be paying for their children but due to fate, they die.

Prof Luo said her ministry was unable to support such children only with the vice chancellors’ signatures and the affected were consigned to the streets.

She said it was unfair that a child could not further their education due to a bad system.

Prof Luo said the two universities had made the parallel non-quota system as an income generating  channel.

She said the university was not for making money but for imparting knowledge in students and the parallel system has to be dropped.

“A parallel  system is a system where those with poor results are made to sign that they will be paying for themselves, which is unfair because things do not go according to how you plan because people come to the ministry [requesting] that we start paying for them after change of status which is signed by the vice chancellor who refuses to do so. What happens is that the child is usually left in the streets after studying for two years if the father dies. And for them to change their status, the vice chancellors, who sign the documents, refuse to do so, making it a bad system and we need to remove it and it is my understanding that they just want to make money out of these systems,” said Prof Luo.

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