Govt releases volume II of 7NDP

THE Ministry of National Development Planning has released Volume II of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).

National development planning minister Alexander Chiteme stated yesterday that the document will guide the implementation of projects and programmes contained in the 7NDP.

“You may recall that on 21st June 2017, the Republican President His Excellency, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, launched the 7NDP (Volume I), at Mulungushi International Conference Centre. This day remains very important to us and all as citizens because, government through His Excellency the President reaffirmed commitment to planned national development since the re-emerging of national development planning in 2003,” Chiteme said in a statement by ministry spokesperson Chibaula Silwamba.

Chiteme said Volume II would serve as the government’s prioritisation framework and principle guide for the implementation of the 7NDP.

He said to achieve its objective, Volume II outlines costed projects and programmes earmarked for implementation during the plan period.

“It also defines outputs and indictors that will be used in monitoring and evaluating the implementation process. The implementation plan is not cast in concrete and shall be updated from time to time. The development of the implementation plan was guided by a multi-sectoral reference group comprising key stakeholders which included representatives  from public sector, private sector, trade unions, academia, civil society organisations, parastatal organisations, and also our cooperating partners,” Chiteme said.

He said to ensure that all key stakeholders were adequately represented, the formulation process utilised the existing structures that have been put in place for purposes of coordinating the implementation of the 7NDP.

“This approach was also instrumental in promoting ownership and making key stakeholders understand and appreciate the theory of change on which the plan is premised. With the release of Volume II of the 7NDP, the 2019-2021 medium-term expenditure framework will be more aligned to the 7NDP as we now have a document to fully inform the budget development process. As such, it remains for me to challenge all stakeholders to actively participate in implementing the plan,” said Chiteme.

“This plan is for all Zambians and hence, implementation and monitoring will require the participation of all stakeholders. As volume ii is launched, stronger partnerships between development actors are required, so that together we can work in an integrated manner to create a Zambia in which all will be proud to live.”

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