Lungu is scared of me – Kambwili

(By Oliver Chisenga in Mufulira)


EDGAR LUNGU is scared of me because I have the capacity to remove him from the presidency and “curtail his thieving”, says Chishimba Kambwili.

Addressing residents of Mufulira where he was to drum up support for Alick Sakala, the National Democratic Congress Kansuswa ward candidate in the council by-election, Kambwili said he had the capacity to change Zambia for the better.


The PF Roan member of parliament, who spoke in Bemba throughout his address, said President Lungu has never had the kind of money that he has acquired now.


“Muye balombela kuli Kabumba ba President ba Lungu ukutila we Lesa wesu pelako Lungu amano, umupeleko nokukwata uluse, ukumfwila abena Zambia uluse elo kabili umupele amano eshala aonaula democracy mu Zambia nokutwibila ulupiya lwesu. Muye mulombela Lungu ati mwe Lesa he needs deliverance (go and pray for Lungu that God should give him wisdom, that he should have pity on the Zambians and that he should not destroy the democracy Zambian enjoys and that he should not steal from the Zambian coffers. He needs deliverance),” Kambwili said.


Kambwili, who was making his first public appearance since his release from police custody for alleged corruption, said there was a ploy to kill him but God saved him.


He said the fright that the government had was an indication that the PF government had failed to govern.


Kambwili further said it was unfortunate that President Lungu had decided to bring back into his Cabinet the faces and people that the Zambian people got rid of in 2011.


“Balefwaya ukunjipaya, nomba Lesa alibakanina. Bamunyinane, nga wamona imbwa yafika pa yard ya muntu elo paliba imbwa nomba elyo waingila pa yard, palya pene pa chipunda uleingilila epo nayo imbwa ilefumina ninshi ishiba ukuti ilya mbwa nikabolala…limbi balayuma pantu ilalya amani ya nkoko, limbi ilanyela pa lukungu, so yalikwatafye umwenso ninshi waishiba ati iyi mbwa yamilandu pantu nga uleingila pa yard, imbwa ifwile ukukubosa…bamunyinane chinshi ndepilibula? Nga mwamona ubuteko bwayamba umwenso, ninshi nabafilwa ukuteka. Nga mwamona ubuteko bwayamba umwenso, abanenu bakwateko ama meeting mwayamba ukubalesha, abanenu bachite ifi mwaikata, mwabika muchifungo ninshi mwishibefye ukutila nafibipa (They wanted to kill me but God said no. If you arrive at one’s yard and see a dog running through the same undesignated exit one used, you would know that the dog is a problem, that the dog is a thieving dog. It’s either that dog steals chicken eggs or they beat it often for stealing eggs. So what do I mean by this? …If you see the government get this scared over nothing, it means they have failed to govern, if you see them stop others from holding meetings, if you see them start arresting people with no cases, it means things are really bad),” Kambwili said.


“…a working government cannot be afraid of anyone. When we won the 2011 elections to form government, did you see the PF government stopping anyone to hold meetings? Comrades, God will never hand you anything but just bring it near you, it’s up to you to seize the opportunity. Wake up and see what God has brought before you. In 2011, you laboured to remove the MMD from government because they were thieves but sadly after the demise of our ‘father’ (Michael Sata), we brought to you Lungu thinking he would be like him, but we were lying to ourselves).”



He further said President Lungu brought back the MMD leaders in his government because they were “experts in stealing”.


He warned the residents of Kansuswa against being fooled through last minute development programmes in the area just because there would be a by-election.


Kambwili said the roads that were being graded when an election was nearing was a sign that the PF did not value the citizens as he urged them to vote for Sakala.


“You Zambians are not stupid, you woke up very early in 2011 and went to vote out MMD because their thieving was out of hand but when Sata died, Lungu brought back those that you voted out of office because they are the experts in stealing and he wants to learn from them),” said Kambwili to the cheering crowd.



And earlier in Luapula ward in Kalulushi, where the NDC have fielded Workson Munthali as candidate for  the by- election, Kambwili urged the residents to liberate themselves.



“Lungu now is going through my account questioning me about my deposits and saying where did I get the money? Have you ever seen such a thing? This simply shows that he has no sense and is a fool and foolishness is not a disease as one is born and dies with it. If we don’t kick out Lungu, starting with councillors…it starts with you people from Kalulushi. When we formed PF, our first councillor was from here, Mr Matafwali. Even now, God has blessed you with a chance to start a revolution from here in Kalulushi where PF was born in terms of leadership…,” said Lungu.

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