Lula’s defense submits new legal recourse to free him

The legal team of Brazil’s former president and candidate for the Workers’ Party, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, submitted Friday a new recourse in the Federal Supreme Court to demand his immediate release.

Lula’s lawyer Cristiano Zanin Martins explained they want the Porto Alegre appeals court to reconsider their decision to make Lula serve his prison sentence early, before a his defense had exhausted the appeals.

Martins also noted that the other option is to submit the case to be analyzed in order to revoke Lula’s “early” prison sentence.

Lula, the prominent leader in the Workers’ Party, was imprisoned on April 7 after he decided to turn himself to Brazil’s Federal Police. Federal judge Sergio Moro ordered Lula immediate imprisonment on April 5.

Before turning himself in, thousands of Brazilians shared a mass and a political rally to show their support for Lula, and protest what they call political persecution through the justice system. Lula is considered by many a political prisoner.

So far, every opinion poll has showed him poised to win if he runs in the 2018 presidential elections. Many legal experts and observers affirm that he’s the victim of lawfare and a calculated media persecution campaign.

Lula was sentenced to 12 years in prison for alleged “passive corruption,” and money laundering. Workers’ Party supported have set up a camp outside the prison where Lula is being held in Curitiba, Parana, to maintain a permanent vigil.

Activists and members of social movements participating in the vigil itself are being persecuted for supporting Lula as they received a fine notice this week from the Parana State Judiciary.

In a statement Saturday People’s Committee in Defence of Lula and Democracy said the Parana Judiciary determined to issue a fine of R$500,000/day to the social movements and activists if the Democratic Vigil #LulaLivre camp continues in front of the Federal Police headquarters building in Curitiba.

According to Dr. Rosinha, Parana State President of the PT, “the decision is totally disproportionate and imbalanced. It is a judicial absurdity. It is an attempt to prohibit the free right to protest.”

“President Lula was unjustly imprisoned in a procedure which was biased and full of holes. He’s leading in all of the election polls. This is one more scandal in the embarrassing persecution of Lula, “ said the national president of PT, Gleisi Hoffmann.

Next week Lula’s defense will go to the United Nations to denounce the violation of his political rights.

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