Juvenile witness narrates how the father shot dead his mother

A JUVENILE witness has narrated in the Lusaka High Court how his murder-accused father asked him to fetch a gun from his bedroom which he used to kill his wife and her alleged lover last year.

Before judge Catherine Lombe was Peter Siwale, 33, who is facing two counts of murder.

Siwale of Meanwood in Lusaka is alleged to have shot dead his wife Charity Namukoko and her alleged boyfriend, Andrew Chibeka, who were both teachers at Crown Academy in Kaunda Square Stage II, after he suspected the two of being in an intimate relationship.

Siwale’s 10-year-old son, who is being looked after at Kabwata Orphanage, made people who were in the gallery to shed tears when he waved at his father after concluding his moving testimony.

He narrated that on the fateful day, his father arrived home in the company of his mother and an unknown man.

The juvenile witness testified that his father started searching in his wife’s handbag.

He said his father then asked him to go and search for the gun in the bedroom.

“After searching, I found it under the bed. I took it to dad. Thereafter, my dad told me (and)…(to) go to bed. I heard four loud gun shots and he was shouting, then when I went to peep, I saw mum lying dead facing up, she looked like she slept on the floor with a man,” the juvenile witness said.

He said after he saw what had happened, he asked his cousin and sister to sneak out through the window because the doors were locked.

The witness said he, together with the sister and cousin, went to their neighbour’s house to narrate what had happened at their home.

When cross examined, the witness told the court that he was seeing his mother with the man for the first time.

And the deceased’s niece narrated that he heard his uncle asking his cousin to go and get the firearm which was hidden under the bed.

She said when she heard the gunshot, she sneaked out through the window and shouted for help at the neighbour’s house.

“Auntie (neighbour) then rushed to our house and we were later told that my auntie had died,” she said.

Another witness, Benjamin Mwamba, who was Siwale’s business associate and a car dealer, narrated that the accused told him he was going to jail because he had killed his wife and her lover.

He said Siwale panicked as he talked to him.

“He (Siwale) told me ‘I found my wife with a man moving in the dark, I followed them and asked them to go with me to my house’. He told me ‘I just wanted to question them but my wife started arguing’. So I have killed both of them,” narrated Mwamba.

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