Mr. Circumventer!

The Civil Society Constitution Agenda says it is deeply troubled at the continued impunity by the political leadership in disrespecting constitutional order in the country.

Civil Society Constitution Agenda chairperson Bishop John Mambo says the tension in the country after the 2016 general elections had its roots in unconstitutional conduct and not upholding the rule of law by the government. He is right!
“The nation may recall the political tension that characterised this country in 2016 and 2017, which the ruling Patriotic Front and the Head of State arrogantly refused to acknowledge, and yet proceeded to invoke Article 31 of the Republican Constitution, declaring a Threatened State of Public Emergency [in the country]. This was notwithstanding the tension in the country had its roots in unconstitutional conduct and not upholding the rule of law by the government. We can, and must, never allow the unfortunate political events of 2016 and 2017 to repeat themselves,” says Bishop Mambo.

Edgar Lungu, by his own publicly stated political philosophy, doesn’t accept anything or anyone to stand in his way. He will “crush them like a tonne of bricks”.
Edgar will circumvent even the law to avoid being stopped from getting what he wants. He will always get around something in a ‘clever’ and sometimes dishonest way. Look at the way he was adopted as the Patriotic Front leader in 2014! The election by show of hands at Mulungushi Rock of Authority to circumvent the party electoral process! Look at how the legal process was circumvented with the help of judge Mungeni Mulenga to secure a court decision confirming him as leader of the Patriotic Front! Look at how the military commanders were used to blackmail Dr Guy Scott in an attempt to circumvent the Constitution and pave way for Edgar’s leadership!
Look at the way Edgar ignored the decision of the Tax Appeals Tribunal ordering him to reopen The Post and circumvented the law in his resolve to close the newspaper! Look at how Edgar, with the connivance of judge Sunday Nkonde, circumvented the law to liquidate The Post! Look at how Edgar, with the connivance of the late judge Isaac Chali, circumvented the law to protect or shield Nkonde from being probed by the Judicial Complaints Commission!
And look at how Edgar circumvented the Constitution and stayed in office when he was supposed to hand over power to the Speaker when there was a presidential election petition before court!
Look at how Edgar circumvented the Constitution with the connivance of some judges to ensure that the election petition against him was derailed without evidence being heard! Look at the way he is circumventing the court decision ordering his ministers to pay back ill-gotten salaries!

Edgar is truly a Mr. Circumventer!
If you’ve ever felt as if someone were circling around the rules, you have an idea of the origins of “circumvent” – it derives from the Latin circum, meaning “circle,” and “ventus,” the past participle of the Latin verb venire, meaning “to come.” The earliest uses of “circumvent” referred to a tactic of hunting or warfare in which the quarry or enemy was encircled and captured. Today, however, “circumvent” more often suggests avoidance than entrapment; it typically means to “get around” someone or something. And this seems to be Edgar’s way of life.
Don’t forget that this is still the same Edgar that had stolen and squandered the money of a client of his law firm and got his practicing license withdrawn by the Law Association of Zambia. He only got his licence back when he was a minister. How and why?
Edgar is able to circumvent anything!

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