Chama people being denied development, says Mtayachalo

YOTAM Mtayachalo says people of Chama feel neglected by all successive governments for failing to create new districts in  the area which is among the largest districts in the country.

Commenting on the creation of new districts by the Ministry of Local Government, Mtayachalo, the Chama district FDD chairperson, stated that it was disappointing that Chama had not benefitted from the creation of new districts.

“It is not a disputable fact that Chama is geographically among the four largest districts in Zambia and we are wondering why the district is not been considered for splitting in terms of giving some of its areas district status in order to promote quality service delivery to the people. The district has lagged behind in many areas of development simply because of its vast geographical position and as such delivery of the much needed development to many areas remains a pipe dream for many years now,” Mtayachalo stated.

Hr appealed to President Edgar Lungu to honour his promise of giving Chama additional districts.

“We are alive to the fact that when considering an area for a district status, there are many factors at play such as population density, among others. However, that should not deprive some areas of the much needed development. This is grossly unfair and we are therefore appealing to President Edgar Lungu to honour his promise when he recently visited the district when he hinted to give Chama an additional district/s possibly at Chikwa or at Chibale respectively,” Mtayachalo stated.

He stated that the people of Chama were being segregated in as far as development was concerned.

“Further, Chama district has seven chiefs and it shares boundaries with five districts namely Lundazi, Shiwangandu, Chinsali, Isoka and Mafinga and as such, we as a people, we keep wondering why the government has not attached the importance of demarcating the district in order to spar development and for easy and efficient administration of the district. Furthermore, we want to send a strong message to the government that the people of Chama shall not continue to be patient because patience has its own limits and we shall not continue to stand akimbo and watch helplessly while we are being segregated against both in terms of development and appointments to government positions just to mention a few,” Mtayachalo stated.

He also stated that the tarring works of the Chama-Matumbo road have stalled.

“In addition, as I speak, the tarring of the Chama-Matumbo road which started in 2012 has stalled for no proper reasons, so is the Lundazi- Chama road as politicians have continued to give us promissory notes and only pretend to be working on the projects in an election year to deceive the people and I think that era is gone as people now are getting more enlightened every day. These projects have been on the government drawing board since independence and we continue to hear the same stories almost 53 years down the road. This is definitely unacceptable,” Mtayachalo stated.

He also stated that the President’s directive to Chama Boarding School to have electric pots at the school had not been fulfilled because the government had failed to pay the contractor K150,000 to finalise the project despite ZESCO fulfilling its part.

Mtayachalo appealed to all the people of Chama to unite and speak with one voice in demanding for a fair share of the national cake.

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