Senior citizen urges opposition parties to unite ahead of 2021


EUSTACE Chikwanda, a senior citizen of Lusaka, has cautioned opposition political parties that as long as they remain a fragmented force, they will have it tough to unseat the governing PF in 2021.

Chikwanda told The Mast that Zambia was “in the wrong hands” and that only a united opposition could salvage the country from such a situation.

He also said “with the PF’s waning support across the country”, the ruling party would be dangerously desperate ahead of the 2021 general elections.

“Zambia was not like this; even muli ba Kaunda it wasn’t like that. So, I’m appealing to the opposition political parties to join hands and unseat this PF from power. Let them come up with only one presidential candidate to challenge this ba PF. To tell you the truth, it will be very difficult to remove these people from the government if opposition parties choose to remain fragmented. If you just closely analyse, you will see that opposition political parties are in problems; the police is against them, the judiciary is against them,”

Chikwanda observed.

“So, if it means the opposition fielding HH (Hakainde Hichilema) as a presidential candidate, let them do so. If it means backing Kambwili, let them do so. That way, I can guarantee you that they will go through, unlike the disunity I’m seeing among opposition political parties.”

And Chikwanda noted that political dialogue, if held, would “just be a formality because these people in the government are determined to remain stubborn.”

“Even if the much talked about dialogue is held, they will not implement any resolution made on the dialogue table. Those in the government will continue behaving in the same manner. Look at the way they have disappointed the Commonwealth! They are now insisting on having the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue to lead the dialogue process, just because they have devised a strategy of hijacking the dialogue process,”

said Chikwanda.

“Ba PF will be worse in 2021 because this time around, they don’t have people to support them. They are quite aware that they have no support among Zambians but they are determined to remain in power. Zambia is in the wrong hands!”

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