NDC supporters thwart PF attack in Mulilansolo


PF cadres in Mulilansolo on Sunday got a rude shock when National Democratic Congress members who are often on the receiving end of their harassment fought back and overpowered them when they were attacked.
The NDC  members who had gathered at Mulilansolo ground to listen to party leaders ahead of the local government elections set for April 24, fought back and eventually beat up the PF cadres.

The ruling party’s cadres clad in their branded T-shirts with inscriptions reading ‘PF security’ did not expect retaliation from the NDC members in the area and the opposition party’s security team.

The PF cadres confident of disrupting the campaign meeting arrived in a Rosa minibus, which they parked at the venue of the NDC meeting.
They had travelled about 70 Kilometres from Chinsali to make sure the NDC meeting did not take place.
The PF cadres dismantled the high table set for the NDC leaders but the NDC reaction to the attack saw the ruling party ruffians scampering.
The NDC supporters ‘carried the day’ in the free for all punch up that happened in full view of police officers.
The fight almost last half an hour and the PF run to the Catholic Church to escape further punishment.
Riot police failed to separate the two political party cadres using tear gas owing to the intensity if the fight.
Even gunshots from the police assault rifles failed to bring calm to the visibly annoyed NDC cadres, who at this stage were advancing towards their enemies.
The NDC cadres then started singing solidarity songs, in praise of their consultant Chishimba Kambwili.
After the jubilation and triumphant dance, Kambwili addressed the members.
Earlier, Chinsali police station officer-in-charge Mubiana Mubiana caused commotion when he attempted to withdraw the police permit issued to NDC for a rally to drum up support for local government candidate Lackson Mumbi.
Mubiana, who had earlier allowed the NDC to hold the rally, decided to withdraw it verbally saying the application did not state that Kambwili would address the meeting.
Hell broke loose when he grabbed the permit from Kambwili, folded it and put it in his pocket.
A heated argument erupted between NDC officials and the officer-in-charge who was in the company of two other officers.
“If you wanted to cancel the permit, you would have come with a written letter. Why are you behaving like this? You issued the permit yourself but why are you getting it?” asked NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge.
Kambwili asked Mubiana to bring a written cancellation of the permit and asked him to give him the note he had put in his pocket.
Mubiana, however, remained adamant, which further agitated NDC supporters, who nearly lynched him.
Sensing danger, Mubiana begged that he consults via phone.
But as he attempted to step outside the house where the incident happened, NDC members asked him to use the kitchen instead of going outside to make his phone call.
Mubiana backed down and surrendered the permit to Musenge after almost an hour of argument with NDC officials.
After resolving the matter, the NDC members offered Mubiana water to help him cool down.
Kambwili was escorted to the venue on foot with supporters chanting solidarity slogans.

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