‘I’ll reveal what I know about Lungu’s thefts during impeachment proceedings’

NATIONAL Democratic Congress consultant Chishimba Kambwili says the impeachment motion before Parliament is aimed at removing a thieving President who has been allowing corruption.

Addressing NDC members in Mikomba ward in Mporokoso, Kambwili said the impeachment motion would allow him to reveal the many clandestine deals President Edgar Lungu has been involved in without being accused of violating the oath of secrecy.

The Roan PF member of parliament, who has been on a campaign trail in Copperbelt, Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern and Western provinces ahead of upcoming local government by-elections, urged Zambians to wake up from their slumber and act to vote the current government out of power.

“The aim of the impeachment is remove a President who has failed to govern, remove a President who has been stealing from the people, remove a President who has been corrupt and allowing corruption because this country will not go anywhere with a thieving government, a thieving President and thieving ministers,”

he said.
Kambwii said he knew much about President Lungu’s under-cover deals, which he could not bring to light because he was under oath.
“Fimo efyo naishiba pali Lungu ifya bufufuntungu, ifya kwiba teti ndande pantu naliba (some things I know about Lungu’s thefts, I can’t talk about them here because I am) under oath but under this impeachment motion, I will have an opportunity to expose fyonse ifyo naishiba pali Lungu mu Parliament because I’m protected,” he said.

Kambwili said the PF government was afraid of the motion because it would bring to the fore what their President has been sweeping under the carpet.
He reminded the PF of its earlier statement that the motion would not go through because the party had the numbers to shoot it down in Parliament once it was tabled.

“So the impeachment motion is the best way for people to know Lungu na government yabo balechita; ukwisa kweba ati waliba under oath teti ulande ifi nangu balakuchita sue. Ukulanda ifinshinka pamulandu wakwa Lungu, echo bakwatile umwenso. Balelanda ati (Lungu and his government would tell you you are under oath, you can’t talk about this or you will be sued. Speaking about the truth, that’s why they are fearful. They are saying) this impeachment is nothing and we are not scared of it and we have got the numbers, but why have they rushed to court?” he asked.

“Mwebena Zambia namupapata ala bamwibila pafula, namipapata iseni twikatane pamo. Ukumweba ichishinka ubu ubuteko nga twabulekelesha pamulandu wankongole uko tuleya kuntashi ba civil servant bakaleka ukufola nangu five months tabafola pantu impiya shonse shileya mukulipila inkongole. Mwebena Zambia, mwebena Luapula shibukeni, ubu buteko bulipo bwaba kabolala ba pompwe munshibila nsala,” said Kambwili (Fellow Zambians I beg you, they have stolen from you for a long time now. Let’s come together. To tell you the truth, this government if left loose and because of the debt they have accumulated we’ll see civil servant go unpaid for months, even five months because all the money will be used to pay off Zambia’s debt. Citizens of Zambia, Luapula Province residents, wake up. This government is of thieves who steal not because they are hungry but for pleasure),” he said.

Kambwili, who was in the area to meet the NDC leadership, called on residents to rally behind the party in transforming the country.
He further explained that he was Michael Sata’s vision carrier and would not look on helplessly while the late president and PF founder’s legacy was being shredded to pieces.

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